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Presenters for the 2021 Conference

Friday Evening Keynote: E.S. Gallegos, PhD and Mary Diggin, PhD
October 29, 2021

Aliveness: Transforming our Inner Relationships through Deep Imagery

We are living beings, filled with a multitude of Alivenesses. But often, our perspective is that much of who we are is mechanical or functional, un-alive. We have learned to approach our inner world through understanding rather than relating to it as vibrant, living, intelligent and capable of response and communication.

In this experiential session, Drs. E.S. Gallegos and Mary Diggin will explore the approach taken

in Deep Imagery which begins from the perspective that aliveness is foundational. By engaging the deep imagination, we have the opportunity to relate to, and communicate with, the many alivenesses within. Through the process of Deep Imagery, we can restore awareness of our own deep aliveness and nurture these vital inner relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with aspects of their aliveness through experiential deep imagery work.

Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D is primarily engaged in training others in his approach to Deep Imagery. An author, former professor, and psychotherapist, Steve has broad experience in many fields. Introducing people to their inner guides as they rediscover the wisdom of the deep imagination is his main path in life.

Mary Diggin, Ph.D. is a Deep Imagery Trainer and mythologist. She is the developer of the Distance Learning Deep Imagery certification program. Mary's work reflects her interest in myth and her passionate understanding of the deep imagination as a holistic means of building relationships with Self and Others

From Ego to Essence: Imagery as a Doorway to Spiritual Transformation with Eve Delunas, PhD

One important aspect of spiritual growth is to disengage from our ego selves—the “little me” within each of us that is all about judgment, comparison, separation, and fear—and to align instead with the light, love, higher wisdom, and infinite potential of our greater selves, our Spiritual Essence.

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Healing in Our Mother's Womb: The Temazcal in Curanderismo with Caroline Ortiz, MPH, MSN, RN, NC-BC

Complementary and alternative medicine is growing in popularity and beginning to find more acceptance in allopathic medicine. In this workshop, Caroline Ortiz, RN will present a broad view of the traditional wisdom with origins in ancient Mesoamerica and health practices of curanderismo from Mexico.

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Deepening the Imagery Experience with Institute of HeartMath® Techniques with Elizabeth Page, BA, RRT

Many people who seek help to cope with daily life, experience excessive levels of mental chatter, emotional uproar, anxiety, anger, or helplessness. They have lost confidence in their ability to self-calm, make good decisions, or trust their own judgement. They lack a sense of comfort in their own bodies, and often experience chronic illness. Under these circumstance, peoples’ experience of life is overwhelming with no memory of a time when things were different.

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Transformational Leadership Meets Mental Imagery with Randy Kasper, PhD LCSW BCD

We are living in a time surrounded by divisiveness while longing for community and connection. We hear a call for leaders who can inspire and motivate. For decades, leadership simply meant wielding authority. In recent years, greater wisdom has prevailed and Transformational Leadership (Burns, 1978) calls for vision, inspiration, and collaboration. An overview of leadership approaches will illuminate the unique gifts that mental imagery affords leaders.

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Forest Bathing: A Virtual Journey through Integrative Imagery with Terry Reed, RN, MS

Research shows that both imagery and forest bathing are recognized as an effective disease prevention strategy that reduces stress and supports the immune system. In this workshop, led by Forest Nature Therapy Imagery guide, Terry Reed, we will renew and deepen our relationship to the more than human world of nature.  “The forest is the therapist, and the guide opens the doors.” The transformation comes as each participant responds with their own unique images,  sensations and healing to imaginal invitations and responses to what they notice.

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Presenters for the 2020 Conference

Enhancing Positive Neuroplasticity with Interactive Guided Imagery™

This workshop will share how Positive Neuroplasticity helps take charge of the structure-building process (rewiring) of the brain by learning how to activate positive experiences, prolong and enrich them, and heighten their absorption into emotional memory to help better manage stress, deal with life’s challenges (including pain), and have more to enjoy and offer others. Interactive Guided Imagery™, a clinical approach which uses imagery in a highly interactive way to evoke the patient's own inner resources will be incorporated as a vehicle to help intensify and enrich the installation of this process. Participants will engage in a few aspects of both modalities.

Janne Gibbs, MSN, FNP/RN-C, AHN-BC is an AHNCC board-certified Advanced Holistic Nurse & Integral Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, a Family Nurse Practitioner, an ANCC board-certified Pain Management Nurse, a certified Interactive Guided Imagery Practitioner, a HBBB board certified Healing Touch Practitioner, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner & Reiki Master, an Attitudinal Healing Facilitator, an EFT II & Positive Neuroplasticity practitioner, a Family System Constellation Facilitator, a Nurse Healer, and co-owner of Trillium Healing & Arts. She has been a nurse for over 49 years, caring for clients (aged minutes through the 90’s), within many health settings, & for many needs (especially chronic pain & illness). She is also a retired tenured nursing professor, who continues to teach part-time clinical nursing, where she invites students to embrace a holistic nursing philosophy & practice.

Masking and Unmasking the Face in the Mirror

This workshop explores the imagery that arises as participants study their masked and unmasked face in the mirror. This highly interactive session examines the dynamics that arise when one's face is covered with a protective face mask. Participants will draw their face on the mirror and then transfer the drawing to tissue paper. Once the lines of the face are complete, participants will be led in guided imagery to gain understanding of the imagery associated with the mask, and its removal. Participants will have the opportunity to cultivate subsequent awareness through various activities, including writing, art or movement.    

Darcie Richardson, Ph.D., has been conducting workshops in depth psychological processes since 2012. Her emphasis is on working with the face in the mirror as a transformative practice which includes applying active imagination, somatic awareness, dream imagery, imagery in art and the written word to enliven and reflect inner awareness.

Using Imagery to deepen our connection to Mind, Body and Spirit

This workshop will use imagery to connect to our physical body. We will explore the connection of imagery to our mental body and our emotions. We will further explore how we can use imagery to understand our spiritual body. We will be using the philosophical concepts of Yoga Therapy and Sanskrit to become aware and understand our physical,  our mental and our spiritual body. We will do this with movement, dance, postures, poetry, art and reflection. This workshop will help the participants to become more aware and calm and develop deeper connections to their true self. If these practices and reflections are done over time it can bring us into Anandamaya or enlightenment. 

Aria Kabiri, CRNA, RN,CH, ACN is passionate about all aspects of health and wellness. She worked as a nurse anesthetist for 21 years. She has a private practice teaching Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, body work, nutrition and hypnotherapy. She uses different mind body modalities to help her clients heal from injuries, get stronger, more flexible and aware of their bodies and mind.

Trees as Friends and Teachers

The trees are upright Beings with whom we share our beautiful planet. They stand as beacons of stability, groundedness, and contentment. This workshop will help to bring us into relationship with the trees in many different ways. The focus is on the trees and inviting our relationship with them to deepen. We will engage the qualities of mindful breathing, present moment awareness with trees, and gentle movement and stretches with the trees as our inspirational partners. Our time together will include the following practices with trees: retrieval of memory, guided imagery, stories, and learning to cleanse our auras with a fallen branch. Prepare to have time slow down as you work with the energy of trees! This is a practice that can be incorporated into your life for calming, happiness, and relief from pressure and anxiety.

Jenny Garrison is the author of two books, "Yoga with Trees," and "Imagery In You: Mining for Treasure in Your Inner World." She is imagery certified through The Academy for Guided Imagery and the International Institute for Visualization Research. Jenny is a Past President of Imagery International.

EFT & Imagery for Grief Issues in Light of our Times

In our present times there is much unresolved grief. Unresolved grief can cause additional trauma and is one of the major sources of anxiety and depression. Jann will introduce two powerful techniques that can be quite effective in resolving grief issues with clients. Jann will demonstrate the power of Emotional Freedom Therapy and Interactive Imagery so you have tools you can take back to your own clients to resolve issues of grief.

Jann Frederickson Ramus, MSW, MA, LICSW began her practice in the late 70’s as an undergraduate in a program for at- risk youth in Chicago being one of two females nationally who were trained to work with males in the therapy, Guided Group Interaction. She went on the get her Master’s and do work as a Ph.D. at the Fielding Graduate Institute. Although she did not complete her Ph.D work, she learned a great deal and will be forever grateful for her studies there. She has been in clinical practice for 18 years and private practice for an additional 19 years specializing in trauma and personality disorders. She uses a combination of EFT and Interactive Guided Imagery and has found great success in helping folks to live the lives they were meant to live. People wonder when there is a retirement on the horizon. Jann says (as of today): NEVER.

2019 Speakers for
Imagery International 11th Annual Conference:

Imagery and Science

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Imagery and Pain
Priscilla Abercrombie, RN, NP, PhD, AHN-BC, HWC-BC

What is the current research on using imagery for pain? Get up to date on the challenges and rewards of using imagery for the treatment of pain and experience the creative use of imagery to transform pain.

Science of the Senses and Imagination
Sondra Barrett, PhD

Sondra takes us on an exploration into the wonders of the brain and the Science of Neuroplasticity. We will experience the brain’s ability to change in a guided imagery through the five physical senses.

Your #1 Anti-Aging Ingredient Doesn’t Come in a Jar: Using Imagery to Youthen
Eve Delunas, PhD, LMFT

The power of our consciousness has a profound impact on our physical bodies. Through imagery we have access to “the quantum field of limitless possibilities.” Eve will guide us in an imagery to dissolve limitations and access our core vitality.

Exploring Imagery as a Way of Knowing
Mary Diggin, PhD

Mary gives Imagery workshops all over the world and in this highly experiential workshop we will explore Imagery as a way of knowing.

Science and Imagery: Tapping into Your Creative Power
Darlene Frank, BA

Darlene will explore the connection between Imagery and Science as it relates to writing, art, and creativity.

Embodied Wisdom-Mindfulness in Motion and Letting the Body Lead
Jayne Peterson, RN BSN, NC-BC

Jayne facilities connection to body wisdom via the fun and dynamic practice of 5Rhythms Movement Meditation. Experience the body and movement as imagery while learning about current research of movement based mindfulness practices.

Educational Goals:

  • To present the current science and research that support the transformative power of the imagination.
  • To showcase the interconnectedness of the brain, the body, emotions and the mind to promote healing on all levels.
  • To expand health practitioner's skill set with applicable imagery tools.

Click Here for more detailed learning objectives for 2019 Conference

This conference was approved for 9 contact hours for RNs, MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs. 

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Presenters for the 8th Annual 2016 Conference:

Nancy Galindo, PhD
Active Imagination: Discovering the Wonder and Wisdom of Inner Images

In this workshop we explored an inner imaginal figure through active imagination and learned how to discern when to use active imagination for insight, transformation and individuation. We identified examples of active imagination

Nancy Galindo, PhD holds an MS in Educational Psychology and a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica GRaduate Institute. She teaches masters and doctoral degree courses and offers public and professional workshops in Dream Work, Active Imagination, Psychic Creativity and Imaginal Ways of Knowing. Dr. Galindo is the author of Tending the Living Image: A Phenomenological Study and articles on soul-centered education and imagination.


Janice Baker, Master Hypnotist and Reiki Practitioner
Spirit Breath Flow
In this experiential, we investigated the subtle energy fields surrounding the body by using the breath. We learned the Spirit Breath Flow technique to balance energy and to create and manifest intentions.

Janice Baker is a Master Hypnotist and Reiki Practitioner. She has developed a breath practice called Spirit Breath Flow. She has been in private practice in North Carolina and New Mexico for 12 years.

Cecily Markham, RN, BSN
Lipstick, Old Keys and the Hand Held Mirror: Journey into the Images of a Poem 

We explored finding our own inner voice through imagery and poetry, focusing on allowing poetic imagery to heighten awareness of connection with others and the world community. We saw how to expand poetry and apply it for healing, wellness, creativity and mindfulness in personal and professional work.

Cecily Markham, RN, BSN is a poet, artist and integrated arts educator. She has received multiple awards in poetry and her chapbook, Sisters in Rain, won the 7th Annual Women's Words Award, published by STill Waters Poetry Press. Cecily has provided various artist-in-residencies as a poetry consultant in school settings and has performed her poetry in a variety of venues. She is a nurse in Washington State and currently offers a program "Art as Health" promoting health and wellness through experiencing fine arts.


Karen Hawkwood, CL, CCHT
Exploring your Trickster Nature

Pamela Albee
Journey through the Spiritual Imagery of the Shaman

Delve altered states of consciousness through guided imagery, hypnosis and shamanism. Experience easy, yet profound, tools for inspiration, enlightenment and safety. We learned how to apply these altered states of consciousness to creating effective positive change. 

Pamela Albee is a Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor and Shamanic Practitioner/Instructor offering classes and continuing education courses at for health care professionals. Pam has been published in numerous areas including the Journal of Shamanic Practice 2008 and the Journal of Imagery International.


Nature's Apprentice: An Exploration Guided by Photography and Nature's Wisdom
With Juliet Rohde-Brown and Monique Fay

What is Imagery but expanded fields of awareness that amplify archetypal motifs through multi-sensory experience? In this workshop we used photographic images in combination with Tibetan 5 Elements in healing practice for clients as well as ourselves.

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