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About Imagery International


Imagery International is an association of healing professionals who work with Imagery as a powerful modality that inspires transformation and healing.

“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.” - Albert Schweitzer

We are a professional association of healing practitioners from many different fields including nursing, medicine, psychology, counseling, bodywork, and other disciplines that use Imagery in their practices. We value and promote the use of Imagery for health, healing and transformation. We also offer a community that encourages research informed training, skill-building, and professional networking to promote the efficacy of Imagery.

Founded in 1995, Imagery International promotes the therapeutic benefits of imagery for healing and personal growth by spreading seeds of awareness about the gifts and power of imagery while creating community and offering tools for practitioners, teachers, and lovers of Imagery.

Join like-minded individuals to share awareness of the benefits and diverse applications of guided imagery, interactive imagery, creative visualization, dream imagery, deep imagery, active imagination, and other imagery modalities. We offer an annual conference, a beautiful membership publication, regional meetings, educational and inspirational podcasts and videos, and your very own member profile page on our website to connect with other imagery lovers worldwide.

 How we see our evolving purpose

  • To spread the seeds of imagery awareness, thereby raising the collective consciousness about the gifts and power of imagery 
  • To support members with a platform for publication and marketing 
  • To provide opportunities for connection, teaching and learning to those who love imagery worldwide 

We are an 501(C)6 unincorporated professional association.

View our informational brochure here:

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Questions? Email us at: office@imageryinternational.com


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Ways to get involved

  • Sign up for FREE e-news delivered to your email inbox 
  • Explore our website, which includes many free valuable imagery resources
  • Attend our annual conference! Or submit a proposal to be a conference presenter Di
  •  Access to online ImagiNews journal with searchable archives, published three times yearly (also available in hard copy) 
  • Periodic eNewsletter delivered to your inbox.
  • Get your complimentary copy of ImagiNews, our membership journal
  • Become a member

Benefits of membership

  • Discounted registration for the Annual Conference 
  • Access to online ImagiNews journal with searchable archives, published three times yearly (also available in hard copy)
  • Periodic eNewsletter delivered to your inbox Inclusion in the “Find a Practitioner” listing on our website
  • Personalized member profile page with a link to your website
  • Calendar listings for your events in ImagiNews and eNews

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