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The 15th Annual Imagery International Conference

October 20 - 22, 2023

The Healing Art of Imagery

About Imagery International

Imagery International is a membership organization whose purpose is to foster fellowship, enhance communication, encourage personal and professional development, provide educational support and establish a forum for individuals whose common bond is interest in the practice and expanded use of Imagery for the enhancement of health and well being. Our aim is to develop, teach, foster and broaden the awareness and use of Imagery in support of innate personal healing. Through our annual conference, webinars and ImagiNews publication we provide creative tools for practitioners, teachers and lovers of imagery worldwide. Enjoy the benefits of membership by joining our dynamic group!

The Imagery International Conference brings together diverse imagery practitioners from various fields to share how they utilize imagery in their work. 
Past presenters have included nurses, therapists, curanderas, artists and movement professionals.  Shared practices ranged from guided imagery, hypnotherapy, dream tending, depth psychology, storytelling, and more.

We are always looking to expand and share our knowledge of practitioners and types of imagery and with this year’s theme, The Healing Art of Imagery, we invite you to share your imagery with us.

Proposal Requirements

Imagery International invites you to submit a proposal to present at our next conference (fill online form below) for the ways you use imagery. What are the various ways you apply imagery to help your clients transform? What transformations have you seen take place due to the healing power of imagery? We invite you to offer your professional, imagery-based 90-minute workshop, with an emphasis on participant involvement and experience!

Scroll below to submit a proposal, we ask that you submit:

  1. Name, address, phone, e-mail and website
  2. Biography (25-50 word) including your area of expertise.
  3. Title of your Workshop and how it directly relates to our theme "The Healing Art of Imagery."
  4. 150 word workshop abstract regarding your topic & workshop which reflects the use of both experiential and lecture.
  5.  Course outline which reflects the use of both experiential and lecture, with the emphasis on experiential.
    *Please note we may edit your description for materials and publicity.
  6. Fit within a 90-minute timeframe, with 15 minutes for audience Q&A

  7. Clearly state three learning objectives and applications for practice.
  8. Any A/V needs, or special needs
  9. Your current resume

Please know that we do not offer payment to our speakers.
The conference is recorded and offered to registrants to review and is also may be offered for sale after the conference.

Submit online below or at: 

Deadline for Proposals is May 5, 2023

email your resume to

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