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  • Conference documents

2010 Conference: Imagery for the Future: Illuminating Lives Registration 2010 form, Babs final report “Accounts payables” 2010ConferenceFinancials omits $420 to BON for CEUs

2011 Conference: Imagery: Hope and New Beginnings Registration 2011 form, Registration 2011 form_editable2011 Conf Presenter Feedback, 2011 Conference Attendee Feedback

2012 Conference ConferenceAccounting2010-2012

  • Contracts

ImagiNews Editor Contract-2013-2014    ImagiNews Designer Contract2013
ImagiNews_Proposal Rosebud Designs, I I OfficeManager Service Agreement,  website maintenance Rosebud Designs, Voicemail_Information,
Our mailing address is with the UPS Store in Eugene Oregon which is forwarded to San Mateo address.

  • Google account click HERE ID, password is ImagiNews (case sensitive). Share editable documents, photos and calendar
  • IRS annual report 990N e-postcard

Annual filing requirement when income under $50,000 – instructions for e-postcard
IRS Imagery Intnl 2010 submit, IRS Imagery Intntl 2010 accept; always filed current year for previous year, last filed Dec 2016 for 2015.

  • IRS References for a 501c6 Tax Exempt Unincorporated Professional Association

How to get help – Tax Exempt Help.

Tax on unrelated income info Unrelated business income
General information p557 revised 2010.
Concise overview of requirement for maintaining non-profit status IRSp4221nc.
Fundraising solicitation rule Fundraising Solicitation Notice.
Must be posted on website for pubic access –  ii501c6apply, irsapproval and bylaws.
IRS guidelines determining difference between an independent contractor and employee – p1779
Where to get help g3637 te/ge

  • Manual, Officers

TITLE PAGE, TABLE OF CONTENTS, Table_Contents_Outline, Imagery International’s History, Bylaws_Aug2008, Articles Association, Officer Roster, INVENTORY, IIBrochureOutside, IIBrochureInside

  • Manuals, Software

aMember, website user manual, voting/polling software needs to be installed, calendar_how toediting video page

  • Minutes & Financial reports page here
  • Music

wav version Intro_Outro.wav from perry,

Welcome to the Team mp3 Permission given to use as II theme music

mp3 version INTRO PERRY and MUSIC mixed OUTRO PERRYand MUSIC 

  • Treasurer

OE e-newsletter. is subscribed to this.  In this e-newsletter, non-profit refers to 501c3.  II is in the “other than 501(c)3” category.

  • Virtual OfficeMap click HERE
  • Website links

aMember url– this is our online membership database
Dropbox share files. ID is
Edit website pages url
Encyclopedia of Associations sends a Free internet listing
Hostgator notes: backup site periodically on hostgator cpanel,
you can find website usage statistics on hostgator’s cpanel
Voting software is not currently installed on our site – send link to voters by email.
wikipedia – ID imageryguides  password PhD200mftmd
Yahoo list home page–
Topica list –
Godaddy webmail (these are information@, apply@, treasurer@, signup@ and iioffice  @imageryinternational.COM) 30MB/email max income and out go only 100 unique addressess per day – transfer up to 100MB files for free – send and receive podcasts/files too big to attach to an email.

  • Websites that bill us

GoDaddy domain registration for and  We also have a 2GB 5 email account ending in .COM
Hostgator hosts our website
RegOnline – hosts conference registration links to Paypal- account cancelled
Paypal – ( links to our website membership form and RegOnline
UPS Store in Eugene, Oregon – Our permanent address is a drop box here. Currently mail and bills are forwarded to Maurine Killough monthly. Call to change frequency that mail is sent. Can ask if a particular letter is in the box. 1-541-686-0233
Imagery International
1574 Coburg Rd.  #555
Eugene, OR 97401-4802


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