Articles of Association


The name of this Association shall be Imagery International.


The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the general interests of the active members; to broaden the awareness of the benefits and diverse applications of Guided Imagery; to offer professional and educational support to students and practicing professionals; to strive for higher professional standards; to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas; and to stimulate a friendly and cooperative spirit among the members.


This Association is not organized nor shall it be operated for pecuniary gain or profit, it does not contemplate the distribution of gains, profits or dividends to the members thereof, and is organized solely as a non-profit Association.


The powers of this Association shall be exercised, its properties controlled, and its affairs conducted as specified by the Bylaws.


The different classes of membership, the voting rights and privileges of members, their liability for dues and assessments and the method of collection thereof shall be set forth in the Bylaws.


These Articles of Association may be amended without previous notice by a three-fifths vote of active members present at any regular meeting of all active members or at a special meeting called for that purpose provided a quorum exists.