About Us

We are an 501(C)6 unincorporated professional association. Our application for exemption can be viewed as a PDF format by clicking ii501c6apply. The IRS approval letter can be found in PDF format irsapproval.

Our bylaws can be found HERE.

This video, created by Glenda Cedarleaf, LICSW, offers an overview of the association and member activities.

Imagery International is an organization of Professionals from around the globe. Our members are from both Western and Eastern healing modalities who either have taken additional training in order to offer a specialized approach with guided imagery techniques or are in the process of learning about guided imagery.

Our goal is to help you learn how to use your mind to foster integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit. Whether in hospitals, healing centers, consulting businesses, or private practice, our practitioners have joined forces through this association to promote the innate, powerful capacity of all humans to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the focused and skilled application of the imagination.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: We welcome all trained imagery professionals and students

Accessibility: We make imagery available to all who are interested

Nurturance: We encourage ongoing personal growth and support community

Groundedness: We use imagery for meaningful, healthy purposes

Professionalism: We strive for the highest standards of integrity and performance

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