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Save the Date for the 2021 Conference: October 20-31, 2021

the Transformation of Imagery - more details to come

Past Conferences

2020 The Depth of Imagery Conference was our first virtual conference!

See a few testimonials from attendees:

“The II community and conference do a superb job of delivering excellence in a spirit of warmth, caring and generosity. What a beautiful experience. It fed my soul and will help my clients.”

“This conference was of a very high quality, well organized and so well thought out with regard to speakers and utilizing the virtual platform I ended up loving--ironically.  The speakers were exceptional and presentations more than memorable, they are the inspiration and education we all signed up for plus so much more--the participants sharing stories and wisdom throughout.”

“Imagery International has so much to offer the world, it should be in the Front Page Headlines of every Health Magazine!”

The 11th Annual Conference held September 20-22, 2019 was the best ever (we say that every year because it's true!). We honored past II president Mary Diggin with the Imagery Person of the Year Award and had juicy, information-packed presentations on the intersection of science and imagery. Click here to see presenters

Strengthening Imagery Skills for an Era
of Environmental Uncertainty
October 26-28, 2018

The 10th Annual Conference was rich and rewarding! Here are some comments to the following question:

What did you like best about the conference?

“Everything. Everyone was so warm, accepting and welcoming. I learned so much.”--KR, a first-time attendee

“The ability to come together and experience imagery and learn new things.”--MK

“The exercises and demonstrations following the lecture. It was all good and relevant to our environment and imagery.”--PR

“I loved the people, openness and generosity.” first-time attendee, student and scholarship recipient

“The conference was VERY helpful, informative and reaffirming.”-BB

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