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Imagery International offers scholarships for conference tuition to applicants, people who otherwise would not be able to come to the conference due to financial concerns. In return, we will be asking scholarship recipients to help us spread the word about our conference and consider three organizations and/or relevant contacts that might be interested, and then direct them to our website or share our downloadable flyer, found on the website at: https://imageryinternational.org/Conference-Publicity

Scholarship applications are due by September 30th, but they go quickly! If you want a scholarship APPLY EARLY. 

Scholarship awardees are required to pay a co-fee of $40.

Click Here to Apply

For more information regarding conference scholarships, please contact Janne Gibbs, Conference Chair at trilliumhealingandarts@gmail.com

Here is what two of previous year’s scholarship recipients shared at the end of the conference. 

Thank you for the scholarship because it enabled me to attend. I will tell my cohorts".–LW

Thank you for the scholarship. I wouldn’t have been able to come otherwise".–RW

Have questions? Contact our Conference Chair:

Jann Gibbs, II Conference Chair

Phone: (707) 496-2316

or email: trilliumhealingandarts@gmail.com

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