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TERMS OF USE – Imagery International’s Directory of Imagery Professionals

Guided Imagery is used by experienced professionals from a wide variety of healing and helping professions. Imagery International’s imagery professionals have taken additional rigorous training in using guided imagery and have incorporated imagery in their professional practice. In addition we have a number of members who are professionally recognized for their contributions to the field of guided imagery.

To assist you in choosing a provider in your area, our directory allows the professional to tell about his or her imagery training and practice specialties. Imagery International can’t warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content of the professional’s information.

We recommend you discuss your needs and concerns with the practitioner so you can decide whether they have the necessary skills to assist you in meeting your need. Ultimately, you must feel comfortable and safe with the service provider.


Guided Imagery is not a regulated field. Its limitations and its promise are not fully understood. We are advocates for its use and hold the opinion it is a valuable tool in many kinds of healthcare situations. Imagery International is an association of members with many opinions and levels of education. The Association’s purpose is to educate you about imagery and therefore we put forth differing ideas. Imagery International can’t be held liable for any problems you may encounter based on reference to practitioners or use of this site. It is up to you to investigate and make judgments based on your own careful assessment.

Imagery International is membership based and managed by members. We intend to keep this site up to date, but will likely have problems beyond our collective control. We request that you not use the site if you do not wish to abide by the terms and conditions of use.

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