Conference Past Presenters

Presenters for the 8th Annual 2016 Conference:

Nancy Galindo, PhD
Active Imagination: Discovering the Wonder and Wisdom of Inner Images
In this workshop we explored an inner imaginal figure through active imagination and learned how to discern when to use active imagination for insight, transformation and individuation. We identified examples of active imagination

Nancy Galindo

Nancy Galindo, PhD holds an MS in Educational Psychology and a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica GRaduate Institute. She teaches masters and doctoral degree courses and offers public and professional workshops in Dream Work, Active Imagination, Psychic Creativity and Imaginal Ways of Knowing. Dr. Galindo is the author of Tending the Living Image: A Phenomenological Study and articles on soul-centered education and imagination.


Janice Baker, Master Hypnotist and Reiki Practitioner
Spirit Breath Flow
In this experiential, we investigated the subtle energy fields surrounding the body by using the breath. We learned the Spirit Breath Flow technique to balance energy and to create and manifest intentions.


Janice Baker is a Master Hypnotist and Reiki Practitioner. She has developed a breath practice called Spirit Breath Flow. She has been in private practice in North Carolina and New Mexico for 12 years.



Cecily Markham, RN, BSN
Lipstick, Old Keys and the Hand Held Mirror: Journey into the Images of a Poem 
We explored finding our own inner voice through imagery and poetry, focusing on allowing poetic imagery to heighten awareness of connection with others and the world community. We saw how to expand poetry and apply it for healing, wellness, creativity and mindfulness in personal and professional work.

Cecily Markham

Cecily Markham, RN, BSN is a poet, artist and integrated arts educator. She has received multiple awards in poetry and her chapbook, Sisters in Rain, won the 7th Annual Women’s Words Award, published by STill Waters Poetry Press. Cecily has provided various artist-in-residencies as a poetry consultant in school settings and has performed her poetry in a variety of venues. She is a nurse in Washington State and currently offers a program “Art as Health” promoting health and wellness through experiencing fine arts.


Karen Hawkwood, CL, CCHT
Exploring your Trickster Nature

Karen Hawkwood



Pamela Albee
Journey through the Spiritual Imagery of the Shaman

Delve altered states of consciousness through guided imagery, hypnosis and shamanism. Experience easy, yet profound, tools for inspiration, enlightenment and safety. We learned how to apply these altered states of consciousness to creating effective positive change.

Pamela Albee


Pamela Albee is a Certified Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor and Shamanic Practitioner/Instructor offering classes and continuing education courses at for health care professionals. Pam has been published in numerous areas including the Journal of Shamanic Practice 2008 and the Journal of Imagery International.


Nature’s Apprentice: An Exploration Guided by Photography and Nature’s Wisdom
With Juliet Rohde-Brown and Monique Fay

What is Imagery but expanded fields of awareness that amplify archetypal motifs through multi-sensory experience? In this workshop we used photographic images in combination with Tibetan 5 Elements in healing practice for clients as well as ourselves.