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Guided Imagery: What’s that? Teleseminar Recap by Maurine Killough

Monday, February 5th, 2018

On January 24, 2018 a couple dozen of us met by phone for an open discussion, all about imagery, our practices and more.

II Member, Emmy Vaidnais, a licensed Occupational Therapist who uses guided imagery with her clients opened with a provocative discussion on how the term “guided imagery” is often (sadly) unfamiliar to the public. Many of us have experienced this and it can be discouraging. I’ve even found that it sometimes doesn’t even elicit curiosity when I’ve told someone I practice guided imagery—their eyes just seem to glaze over! A couple of callers offered terms like “healing imagery” or “hypnosis” as alternatives when trying to communicate our craft. Terry Reed offered a fun way to explain imagery to someone by simply asking them: “Do you know how to worry?”

Our discussion carried us on to consider using more popular buzz words the public is familiar with such as trauma, mindfulness, mind-body and coaching. Guided imagery covers all these areas.

The hour went by too fast and I really enjoyed hearing about what some of my colleagues are up to or have accomplished: Marie Eastman continues to use GI with patients in her work as a hospital chaplain; Darcie is using her mirroring self/mirroring soul way of working with the unconscious; Jenny’s book Imagery in You continues to work its magic in the world and she is now trying her hand at children’s poetry; Terry Reed is providing guided imagery to patients at a local hospital in San Mateo, CA. So despite any unfamiliarity with its meaning in the general public, guided imagery continues to be brought out by our II members.

Emmy suggested II consider its own youtube channel and offering classes. These would be excellent ways for II to help promote guided imagery in the world. She also suggested starting a committee to help promote imagery.

We hope to have another call of its kind in the future and we also might start a private Facebook group page so we members can converse together, get guidance from each other, etc. If you are interested in joining a committee or conversing on a private Facebook page, just let us know!


II Free Teleseminar on EFT July 19

Friday, May 5th, 2017

II offers free teleseminars three times a year. Our next program will be on July 19th on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is a clinically proven, modern therapy that draws on the latest research in neuroscience and attachment. It combines structured tools with an approach that is warm and interactive. EFT doesn’t just focus on the past. It gives couples concrete tools in the here and now so that they can connect with each other in new ways. It focuses on how couples fight, rather than what they fight about.
EFT is a structured process with nine steps. Clients receive a map of the work, so that they can know where we are, and where we are headed.

Join II with Isabel Diamond, MA for this FREE teleseminar!

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Teleseminar: Compassion Fatigue 03-22-2017

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017
A Free II Teleseminar on Compassion Fatigue
March 22, 2017
4:00 PM Pacific Time

Professional Resilience: Helping Doesn’t Have to Hurt

with Marette Monson, LCSW, MBA

This presentation draws from the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue and the Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training to provide an informative 30 minute presentation for professional helpers to prevent compassion fatigue and other work-related stress disorders. Created by Dr. Eric Gentry, the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue has been published in several journals and is recognized as an effective treatment for the symptoms of compassion fatigue. The presentation is a potent alchemy of didactic information, experiential processing, and transformative techniques that assist the professional and/or volunteer care provider in resolving symptoms of compassion fatigue while, at once, developing resiliency skills and practices that prevent compassion fatigue symptoms in the future.  The keynote will serve to dispel common myths about compassion fatigue and its prevention and treatment and encourage and empower professional caregivers to seek care and support each other.


Marette Monson, LCSW, MBA is the only Certified Expert in Compassion Fatigue and Resiliency in the United States. She is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator from the Figley Institute. Marette has been personally mentored by J. Eric Gentry, Ph.D., LMHC is an internationally recognized leader in the study and treatment of compassion fatigue. In 1997, under Dr. Charles Figley’s direction, Gentry developed the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue with Anna Baranowsky, Ph.D., and Kathleen Dunning.  The ARP has demonstrated powerful effectiveness for treating the symptoms of compassion fatigue. Marette is trained and certified in the techniques from the ARP and her agency and private practice in Holladay, UT, called the Center for Counseling Excellence, is one of the only compassion fatigue treatment centers in the United States. Marette just finished co-authoring a workbook on professional resilience, which will be available on Amazon in the Spring of 2017. She is a seasoned speaker who has presented at workshops and conferences around the United States. Her commitment to her mission to serve caregivers helping them to become evermore effective with minimal symptoms is evident throughout this keynote. You will be challenged, inspired, and uplifted by Marette Monson and this address.

Teleseminar: Dynamic Public Speaking 01_18_2017

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Teleseminar: Dynamic Public Speaking

a Free II Teleseminar
January 18, 2017
4:00 PM Pacific Time

Dynamic Public Speaking

Nancy Seagal

      Nancy Seagal

So often sole proprietor business owners, particularly in the healing arts field, find it challenging to represent themselves in a dynamic effective manner. Learning the art of public speaking is a tremendous asset whether you are working with a client one on one or addressing a large group. In this Telesminar I will provide information and processes to assist, you, the business owner in speaking with clients, media, and an audience with confidence. This will support business growth and getting the essential message and purpose of your work out in to your communities. I know that each of you are doing important work and that is what has drawn us together via Imagery International. It is vital that we step out of our comfort zones and live our purpose in life! 

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About our Presenter:

Best Selling Author, Nancy Seagal has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1997. She is a seasoned Corporate Wellness keynote speaker. Nancy’s story includes one of overcoming adversity

Free Teleseminar: Cinematherapy: A Transformative Catalyst

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
Cinematherapy: A Transformative Catalyst
A Free Teleseminar hosted by Imagery International
September 6, 2016
4 p.m. PST

Join us for a talk with psychotherapist Bronwyn Robertson about her recent publication by the American Counseling Association: “All things connect: the integration of mindfulness, cinema and psychotherapy.” Her article explores how the integration of cinema within psychotherapy can be a powerful, transformative catalyst for personal growth and healing. As noted in the article, she has integrated cinematherapy within an experiential, mindfulness-oriented approach with well over a thousand clients, ranging in age from three-years-old to 70, with remarkable results. She will discuss how this multisensory, multilayered approach to therapy reaches people at a very deep level, emotionally, spiritually and even neurophysiologically.

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Bronwyn Robertson is an integrative psychotherapist who has lectured and published internationally on mindfulness-oriented cinematherapy, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and the treatment of anxiety and trauma. She is in private practice in Virginia and also provides therapy for youth in foster care and in the adoptive process via a nonprofit community agency.


Teleseminar with Leslie Davenport: Transformative Imagery

Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Transformative Imagery! A Talk with Leslie Davenport
June 2, 2016
4 p.m. PST
A Free Teleseminar hosted by Imagery International

transformative_imageryJoin us for a charged talk with Leslie Davenport about her second book on guided imagery: Transformative Imagery: Cultivating the Imagination for Healing, Change, and Growth. This powerful book is a collection from 24 leading pioneers in imagery, artfully edited by Leslie. It includes imagery’s contributions to the medical field, depth psychology, the arts, wisdom traditions, and as a vehicle for social change, and 30 imagery scripts that will enable professionals to tailor guided imagery to their individual practice. Leslie will share the inspiration behind this work as well as some of it’s original content. There will be a call-in option for questions and answers. Join us on the call as we dig in to share the seeds of awareness of the power of imagery!

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Leslie Davenport

Leslie Davenport

Leslie is an integrative psychotherapist and founding member of the Humanities Program at Marin General Hospital, which evolved into the Institute for Health & Healing in collaboration with California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She helped build the program over twenty-five years, which included a Guided Imagery internship, and imagery at the bedside and in the Integrative Clinics. She is currently in private practice, on faculty at California Institute of Integral Studies and JFK University, and is completing a third book which includes how imagery has a role to play in reversing climate change.