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People Die Without Love

April 7, 2014

People die without love: Why I prescribe the love drug

Pamela Wible, MD | Physician | March 17, 2014

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As a doctor, it’s my job to figure out what patients really need. Some need antibiotics. Some need pain pills. But everyone needs love.

During medical school I cared for burned children. One of my patients was a 3-year-old with severe burns over most of his body. His roommate, an older boy, had just burned one arm. Yet the older child withered in the corner while the younger one jumped all over the playroom despite his contracted and painful limbs. Why? The younger boy’s family kept hugging and kissing him. The older boy had no visitors.

People die without love.

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Catherine Shainberg: The Power of Imagery

March 28, 2014

Sounds True Producers Pick

Catherine Shainberg: The Power of Image

Most pregnancy experts focus on what’s going on in a mother’s body—yet Catherine Shainberg knows that a mother’s thoughts, dreams, and imagination can have the greatest impact on the experience of childbirth. Catherine’s DreamBirth® work uses the power of guided imagery to help mothers access the body’s vast creative intelligence to enhance the complete journey of childbirth. In this selection chosen by Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute from the audio program DreamBirth: Imagery for Conception, Pregnancy, Labor, and Bonding, Catherine explains how the DreamBirth process works, and how the body can respond almost instantaneously to the power of Image.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

Don’t Be A Dick, Be A Jane

March 25, 2014
Emmett Miller, MD

Emmett Miller, MD

This year’s theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Inspiring Change.” In keeping with that theme, we are proud to present today’s guest, Elisa Parker, who is indeed a superhero when it comes to inspiring women to discover their personal purpose and passion, and to bring that passion into action in the world.

Elisa Parker is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning radio program, See Jane Do, where she shares her wisdom, experience, and guidance serving women, social justice, and the environment. Male or female, you will be inspired by the heart and commitment Elisa models so well. 

To learn more about Elisa Parker and Women’s Day click HERE.

ImagiNews: March 2014

March 11, 2014

A free electronic copy of the September 2013 edition of ImagiNews is available:


From the Editor’s Desktop:

By Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC

Bev Hollander, editor

Bev Hollander, editor

Hello everyone,

It’s a busy year already, isn’t it?  I have a few announcements to make here.  First we have our Graphic’s Designer, Kerima, leaving us after her relatively short tenure. We really need help in finding her replacement.  Hasn’t she moved the visual quality and caliber of ImagiNews up a few notches?

Also, Dr. Epstein is going on what I am calling a hiatus – meaning, I hope he will be back.

It is my sincere interest to move the content of ImagiNews in a more professional direction with a clinical focus on case studied and client vignettes.  I want to share information from those who practice this creaft of Imagey to help all of us to become more skilled and creative in the Imagery work we do.  We wnat to present cutting edge research that vliadate what we alreay know – Imagery is a powerful therapeutic process.

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Sue Ezra’s Equinox Workshop

March 8, 2014

Blossom into Spring – Saturday, March 22, 2014 2:00-5:00 pm – Fairfax, California

Click HERE to download flyer

Susan Ezra

Susan Ezra

Spring is the season to bring forth seeds of the self that have been gestating during the winter.

Awaken from the dormant, quiet, inner-focused time and step into the light of activity and renewed energy. What do you want to birth, re-birth or create anew?

Imagine a young tree seedling beginning to push through the dark soil into the warmth and light of the sun. This is the Life Force energy of Spring. It is time to cleanse, nourish and support the liver, associated with the element of wood. The animal is the dragon, the color is green and the emotion is turning anger into kindness and forgiveness.

We will use Meditation, Guided Integrative Imagery and Chi Gong for individual and collective benefit. Integrative Imagery is a powerful mind-body practice utilizing the imagination to harness our inner wisdom and resources. Through Chi Gong we learn to cultivate our own vital life force through endearing forms like Blossom into Spring and the Crystal Generator. Come join us to usher in the Spring and plant the seeds for YOUR new beginnings!

Location: My House in Fairfax – Directions will be emailed

Cost: By Donation

Register: Please send an email to me confirming your attendance by March 15th.

Information: or call 415-308-7808

Susan Ezra, RN, HNC has dedicated her nursing career of more than 30 years to assisting people in accessing their own healing abilities. She is a leading practitioner and teacher of Integrative Imagery. She has studied Chi Gong for the past 18 years and loves to share these gifts. For more information, visit:

Peter Levine Interview on Trauma Resolution

March 5, 2014
Peter Levine, PhD

Peter Levine, PhD

Peter A. Levine, PhD was recently interviewed on the “Dr. Shirley and Steve Show” discussing the use of Somatic Experiencing, the approach to trauma resolution he developed.  The podcast is down the page under podcast archives. See  Peter A. Levine, PhD 2/26/2014.  The podcast can be downloaded.

Trauma is in the body Levine says and trauma resolution works from the bottom up.  That is – the body centered approach bypasses the brain’s neo-cortex.

This hour interview covers the purpose of what he does and the range of issues he has worked with – a military combat veteran, fibromyalgia, turrets syndrome, tics, multiple personality, car accidents, and more.  He also recounts his thoughts as he worked through being hit by a car.

Call For Proposals

March 1, 2014

Call for Proposals

Theme for 2014 Conference: The Healing Power of Imagery
October 24 – 26, 2014

Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park, CA, on the Peninsula of the Bay Area

The focus of our conference is to gather lovers of guided imagery who wish to renew and grow both personally and professionally.

Conference PosterWe are accepting proposals until the 27th of March. Please consider the following if you decide to submit a proposal:

Your presentation should favor the experiential and be no longer than 90 minutes.

We pay for your tuition into the conference but you are responsible for all travel and lodging expenses. Local presenters will be responsible for Vallombrosa’s commuter fee.

Your presentation needs to reflect the theme of the conference: “The Healing Power of Imagery.”

The conference committee will accept six proposals for six slots.

Click on the link below to download the proposal application:

Proposal Application II

If you have any questions, contact Conference Chair, Jann Fredrickson Ramus by email: or phone: 651-208-6458.


How Somatic Imagery Relieves Stress and Anxiety Workshop

January 29, 2014

To find out How Somatic Imagery Relieves Stress and Anxiety sign up for the class taught by Leslie Davenport, MFT.  Earn 3 Continuing Education units.

March 7, 2014; Friday, 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Berkeley campus, Room L6

Click HERE to register for the course.

Somatic Imagery to Relieve Stress & Anxiety Course Description

Research shows that interactive styles of somatic imagery are effective tools for relieving stress and anxiety. By first establishing safety and building inner resources, the client is then guided to bring mindful attention to physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. For example, if a client is having sensations of tightness and weight in the chest, the experience is deepened through imagery by having the sensation take on a color, shape, texture and voice. This interactive process reveals ways for the therapist to modulate the experience while also allowing the client to gain insight into the source of the anxiety and stress, allowing for healthy choice and change.

Pre-requisite required: Clinical Applications of Deep Imagination – Level I or instructor permission

Instructor Biography

Leslie Davenport, MFT, is an ordained interfaith minister and licensed MFT. Former core faculty for the graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology at JFK University and a founding member of the Institute for Health & Healing, she is the author of Healing and Transformation through Self-Guided Imagery.

What is Soul Medicine?

January 24, 2014

Medicine for the Soul: Remembering and Trusting Your True Self
Tele-course is Monday – January 20th, 2014 12:00 pm PT/ 3:00 pm ET

This post is late, but do sign up for the free webinar.  In collaboration with Lissa Rankin MD, a teacher, speaker, author and former student, Dr. Remen will be offering a tele-course called Medicine for the Soul: Remembering and Trusting Your True Self.

Join Kitchen Table Wisdom author Rachel Naomi Remen, MD & Mind Over Medicine author Lissa Rankin, MD for 10 Ways Your Soul Guides You In Daily Life, a free 90 minute teleclass that will help you learn to pay attention to how your soul communicates with you so you can infuse your new year with meaning, connection, and purpose.

Here’s some of what Rachel and Lissa are going to cover:

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Flex Your Memory Muscle

January 15, 2014

Flex Your Memory Muscle: How Mental Athletes Train their Brains by Lisa Fields
AmericanProfile, January 10, 2014


Mental Athletes

Nelson Dellis, 29, of Miami, Florida, who won the USA Memory Championship in 2011 and 2012, was inspired to improve his memory when his grandmother was losing hers to Alzheimer’s disease. Dellis, who can memorize the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards in 63 seconds, insists that his memory was average before he began his quest.

“When my grandmother died, it was a turning point,” says Dellis, a former software developer who now is a motivational speaker and memory consultant. “I couldn’t believe that it was possible for the human mind to decline that way. I needed to see what I could do now to try to make my brain healthier.”

He spends hours every day improving his memory through various techniques. Like most serious mental athletes, Dellis uses vivid images to help him remember.

“Take whatever it is you’re trying to memorize and turn it into a mental image,” Dellis says. “Make it as crazy or over-the-top as possible—that’s what your brain prefers to memorize. If you want to remember your grocery list and the first two things are toilet paper and Q-tips, picture some wet toilet paper wrapped around a Q-tip, and you’re sticking it all in your ear, and there’s lots of wax.”

The see the whole story go HERE