Presenters for October 20-22, 2017 Conference

Topics and Speakers for the 9th Annual Conference:

Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., Author, Medical Scientist
Accessing Your Cellular Wisdom
This workshop offers a guided journey into the architectural design of our cells! Sondra embraces science, the art of imagery and practices to embody cells and to illuminate what participants already know. She offers an incredible journey into the invisible cellular universe on an expedition of somatic discovery. This program is illuminated by spectacular microscopic imagery of our inner world - amazing molecules and the cellular architecture of life. Discover where in your cellular anatomy, sound, energy and movement take action. This multi-sensory journey blends science, sound, and visuals to expand our deepest knowing, ignite awareness and enhance visualization practices.

Eve Delunas, MFT, Ph.D., Author
Resetting the Brain’s Default Mode
Eve teaches that our brains have a "default-functioning mode" that is the result of our life experiences and exists outside of our conscious awareness. Through a blending of imagery and body-focused techniques, she teaches skills to reprogram the default settings that have been learned over time as individuals adapt to trauma, difficult or confusing early life experiences. The workshop teaches us that the brain has plasticity and the ability to change. Through techniques for transforming habitual thoughts, feelings, and behavior, this workshop embraces neuroplasticity and the brain's ability to reset early programming and replace self-limiting habits with more life-enhancing ones.
Susan Robertson, Ph.D., CPA/MBA
Body Mapping: An Internal Exploration of Imagery
Susan weaves together art and narrative therapy used to gain understanding of oneself, one's body, as well as the world in which one lives. Body Mapping is a tool for story-telling, but also providing an opportunity to create body maps that result in colorful expressions and creation of a highly personal self-portrait. Susan's workshop includes visualization exercises, art work, dyad experience, individual reflection and group interaction. There will be a variety of art materials prompting exploration of internal imagery. Body mapping may access emotional memories, valuable information, and startling new insights. Her workshop allows participants to celebrate their bodies while acknowledging the unknown imagery that resides within.
Constance Hart, Color Therapist
Elevated Healing through Color Consciousness
Constance invites participants to experience the impact color has on mood and as a method of vibrant healing. She teaches that colors in guided imagery become highly effective when participants have a deeper understanding and sense of the color, in particular, in the form of affirmations, which are an important aspect of this workshop. Constance will teach participants how to mindfully select colors, including a framework for how, when and why to consciously make a particular color choice for guided imagery practices as they assist patients, clients and students in the process of developing a more conscious connection to color as a dynamic tool.
Chantal Peterson, BS, Writer, Editor, Curve Model
Body Image, Body Imagery
In this workshop, Chantal explores some of the myths and history of engrained cultural perspectives regarding the female body image. Participants will explore the mechanism of culturally constructed perceptions of body image and the powerful ways internalized imagery influences the relationships to our bodies, our food and even our communities. Chantal will help cultivate an awareness of the body as flowing rather than solid, dynamic rather than static. Through explorations of guided imagery, movement, and the potential for deep healing, we are invited to create new stories through somatic experiences and the imagery that arises when we are able to accept our beautiful bodies as they are.
Darlene Frank, B.A., Author, Certified Creativity Coach, Scriptwriter
Art and Life: Tapping into Your Creative Power
The final workshop in our series explores the thrust of mind-body-imagery relation from the perspective and natural curiosity of the artist—whether that art is writing, painting, healing, running a business, or living a creative, imagery-rich life, Darlene invites participants to focus upon imagery related to the body and subsequent expression. She offers participants an opportunity to cultivate a unique way of looking at and curating a personal collection and history of imagery to find a story, pattern, or message that enhances the creative journey. As imagery lovers, we are summoned to enhance our lives as we explore, enrich and learn to acknowledge the depth of creativity that resides within.

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