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2015 Imagery International Conference 7th Annual

The Seventh Annual Imagery Family Reunion: The Heart of Imagery
October 30-­ November 1, 2015
Fri. 5 – 9 PM
Sat. 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun. 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Vallombrosa Retreat Center
250 Oak Grove Ave,
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 325-­5614

Call for Proposals:

Please keep in mind that we give preference to the EXPERIENTIAL rather than lecture. We do not expect or prefer that our presenters use Powerpoint. If you feel that PowerPoint would enhance your presentation, it should highlight images and not be the focal point of your presentation. We also request that speakers limit the promotion of their books and materials to a one-time statement in your presentation.

Please submit answers required in the  Imagery International proposal guidelines and submit to Jann Fredrickson Ramus by any of the methods listed at the bottom of the document.  Following are the guidelines:

  • Your name, phone number, physical address, and email address:
  • Describe how your proposal will reflect the theme of the conference: “The Heart of Imagery.”
  • State three objectives that the conference attendees will achieve at the end of your presentation.
  • Describe the experiential that will be included in your presentation. Will there be artwork, guided imagery exercises, group sharing, etc.
  • Provide a brief outline of your presentation. KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU HAVE 90 MINUTES FOR YOUR PRESENTATION. How much time will you spend on each segment or activity?
  • All speakers must use a microphone.
  • What other audio/visual needs do you have?
  • Speakers must provide any art materials they will need.
  • Please note that audience seats will be arranged theater style. Participants will likely not have access to tables but will be more than willing to do imagery exercises or art projects at their seats or on the floor.
  • Please provide a 100-125 word biography that will be used in promotional materials. We will also need a photo of you.
  • Please include any website or book you want us to promote.

Submit to Jann Fredrickson Ramus in one of four ways:

email: OR,

snail mail to:           Jann Fredrickson Ramus
PO Box 213,
Newport, MN. 55055
fax: (651) 458-1633.

You can expect to receive a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours. If not, call me at (651) 208-6458. I look forward to seeing your propsal.

Jann Fredrickson Ramus, Conference Chair

The focus of our conference is to gather lovers of guided imagery who wish to renew and grow both personally and professionally.

Who will benefit from attending our conference?
We welcome all those interested in the practical application of Guided Imagery for healing and personal growth, including, but not limited to, nurses, doctors, psychotherapists, social workers, hypnotherapists, and somatic workers. Trained Guided Imagery practitioners will add to their techniques and strategies, and other professionals will gain an overview of how Guided Imagery may be used as a complementary practice in their work.
Here is what some attendees from previous year’s conference had to share.

“The conference gets more fine-tuned with special and distinct layers every year.  Love it. Thanks.”

“Each workshop was a treasure trove of knowledge that we just skimmed the top of. Only wish we had time to delve deeper.”

“I love seeing old friends and making new ones. The presentations were fabulous.”

Have questions? Contact our Conference Chair:

Jann Fredrickson Ramus, LICSW
651-208-6458 CST