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Guided Imagery: What’s that? Teleseminar Recap by Maurine Killough

On January 24, 2018 a couple dozen of us met by phone for an open discussion, all about imagery, our practices and more.

II Member, Emmy Vaidnais, a licensed Occupational Therapist who uses guided imagery with her clients opened with a provocative discussion on how the term “guided imagery” is often (sadly) unfamiliar to the public. Many of us have experienced this and it can be discouraging. I’ve even found that it sometimes doesn’t even elicit curiosity when I’ve told someone I practice guided imagery—their eyes just seem to glaze over! A couple of callers offered terms like “healing imagery” or “hypnosis” as alternatives when trying to communicate our craft. Terry Reed offered a fun way to explain imagery to someone by simply asking them: “Do you know how to worry?”

Our discussion carried us on to consider using more popular buzz words the public is familiar with such as trauma, mindfulness, mind-body and coaching. Guided imagery covers all these areas.

The hour went by too fast and I really enjoyed hearing about what some of my colleagues are up to or have accomplished: Marie Eastman continues to use GI with patients in her work as a hospital chaplain; Darcie is using her mirroring self/mirroring soul way of working with the unconscious; Jenny’s book Imagery in You continues to work its magic in the world and she is now trying her hand at children’s poetry; Terry Reed is providing guided imagery to patients at a local hospital in San Mateo, CA. So despite any unfamiliarity with its meaning in the general public, guided imagery continues to be brought out by our II members.

Emmy suggested II consider its own youtube channel and offering classes. These would be excellent ways for II to help promote guided imagery in the world. She also suggested starting a committee to help promote imagery.

We hope to have another call of its kind in the future and we also might start a private Facebook group page so we members can converse together, get guidance from each other, etc. If you are interested in joining a committee or conversing on a private Facebook page, just let us know!


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