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Conference 2018 Update

Imagery International offers:


Strengthening Imagery Skills for an Era of Environmental Uncertainty 


In 2016, Imagery International’s Annual Conference highlighted a variety of Imagery modalities, from Guided Imagery, to the use of imagery in Shamanic practice, to Jung’s Active Imagination. We wove these into a tapestry that spoke soulfully to our focus of working with imagery as a healing modality through the arts and practice. In 2017, we enhanced the body-mind-imagery connection and discovered the depth of these dynamic relationships through scientific exploration, heightened somatic (body) awareness, and body image.


In 2018 we are bringing imagery and our relationship with the environment into our conversation with, “Strengthening Imagery Skills for an Era of Environmental Uncertainty.” The topic feels huge because it is huge! We look forward to narrowing it down to six practical, motivating workshops that will teach us how to take care of ourselves, as well as our clients and patients, in particular, as concerns arise regarding our changing environment. During the Conference we will look at ways to enrich our connection to the Earth. During times of uncertainty, we are offering useful tools to increase our relationship with imagery practice, as well as reinforce relationships with family and community as we navigate this terrain together.


This year we will grow our Imagery Toolboxes, whether your practice and expertise are burgeoning or developed … the goal of Imagery International is to enhance the skills and proficiencies for the Imagery International membership and lovers of imagery! We look forward to seeing how the Conference takes shape as proposals are submitted and accepted.


What is your offering to Imagery International this year? How would you like to be engaged and share your interest and area of expertise? If not now, then when?


The Imagery International Conference Committee and Board look forward to exploring these important topics over the next several months, and ultimately at our Conference with you, October 26-28, 2018.

Darcie Richardson, Ph.D

Conference Committee Chair

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