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Call for Proposals

The 8th Annual Imagery Conference, October 21-23, 2016

Imagery International: On the Wings of Expansion
Vallombrosa Retreat Center
Menlo Park, California

Voila_Capture 2016-01-13_01-03-46_PMIn 2016 we are spreading our wings and extending an invitation to all those who love imagery in its multitude of expressions, including but not limited to, Guided Imagery, Art, Shamanic practice, Movement, Deep Imagery, Dream Imagery and Active Imagination.

Imagery International is proud to initiate a dynamic conference that embraces diverse practices centering upon the power and importance of imagery. If you are interested in offering a professional, experiential, imagery-based 90-minute workshop, please submit the following:

1. Name, address, and e-mail.

2. 25-50 word biography including your area of expertise or your resume.

3. Title of the Workshop and how it directly pertains to working with Imagery.

4. 150 word workshop abstract.

5. Course outline which reflects the interactive nature of your session, ie., not entirely lecture.

6. Clearly state three learning objectives and applications for practice.

7. What are your space needs, AV needs, or special accommodations, if desired?

The 2016 conference will be held at the beautiful Vallambrosa Retreat Center – 250 Oak Grove Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025. The conference is scheduled from Friday October 21st through Sunday October 23rd.

Send applications to Darcie Richardson at: Contact Darcie for additional information or to make further inquiry if you are interested in presenting at the 8th Annual Conference, Imagery International: On the Wings of Expansion.

It is important for proposals to be submitted by March 15, 2016.


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