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Jenny Garrison – President-elect

Jenny Garrison, as II President-Elect

Jenny Garrison

Jenny Garrison

Dear Imagery Community,

This January I will take the title of President of Imagery International. I extend sincere gratitude to the present Board of Directors, and to current President, Susan Ezra, for their trust and confidence in me. As I step into this position, I promise to give my best.

The field of Imagery is powerful and far reaching. Many of you use Imagery in your work and personal lives in a vast multitude of ways. As an organization, II is in a position to provide a forum for our professional and personal stories that can bring the many diverse ways that we do Imagery into the world. Through our Internet website, through our annual conference, and through the pages of this journal, we are linked to one another. I see II as a “watering hole” — a place where we can come individually to be nurtured and inspired by each other as we use Imagery in our own growth and healing and offer it to others in the same spirit of growth and healing.

We are insiders. We know the transformative power of Imagery as a medium for knowing, growing, navigating life, and healing. And yet Imagery is still not mainstream. People don’t know that they want it. Imagery is largely misunderstood. It receives mention, but rarely recognition, and certainly not the recognition it deserves.

As a collective, we are stronger than our individual voices and works. As practitioners who come together, we create a broad and potent avenue for the emergence of Imagery. We generate a dynamism that can continue to bring awareness of Imagery into the public consciousness. My Image of this movement of awareness consists of bringing consciousness of Imagery closer to the surface of mainstream awareness until a tipping point is reached and it is recognized by many as the powerful healing modality that it is.

We are in a unique position to do this. Our organization is in place. It is here for us and we are here for it. And, as our purpose statement reflects:

“The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the general interests of the active members; to broaden the awareness of the benefits and diverse applications of Guided Imagery; to offer professional and educational support to students and practicing professionals; to strive for higher professional standards; to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas; and to stimulate a friendly and cooperative spirit among the members.”

We are here on Earth at a critical and distinctive time in history, and we are uniquely poised to find ways to spread the good word of Imagery and to raise the public consciousness of its power. I am honored to be at the helm. I hope you all feel inspired to share ideas about moving forward. I welcome your communication.

I’d like to take a moment to share my personal background with you. I am a Registered nurse and a Kripalu Yoga Instructor, born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. My studies in Imagery began in 1992 with Eligio “Steve” Gallegos. ( and The International Institute for Visualization Research. I later trained and certified with the Academy for Guided Imagery. I work privately and with groups, focusing on Imagery as a way to know oneself, grow, and heal through connecting with the Images that are alive inside us. And now, I am President-Elect of Imagery International. May we prosper individually as we carry the word of this rich treasure of Imagery out into the world through our distinctive and individual expressions. May we unfold in natural and beautiful ways as an organization which supports and strengthens its members through the strength of our collective presence, and may our members feel welcomed as they support and enliven this organization with their unique contributions, skills and abilities.

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