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ImagiNews: December 2014

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by Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC

Hi dear ones,

I certainly shout out a Welcome to Fall. I love the changing colors of the sunlight and the beauty of the leaves. I hope this season finds you well, warm and dry.

This issue’s theme of Forgiveness is one that resonates very deeply within me. Forgiveness is a capacity that I cultivate within myself. The words from a well-loved song, Love Will Prevail, by one of my all-time favorite singers, Kathy Zavada, sum up the concept of Forgiveness quite nicely:

“Well, you can judge them, you can fight them, You can feel self-righteously Or you can see their pain and forgive them And know the sweetest victory. Did you know it’s really you That Forgiveness will set free And the whole world will be blessed by your love?”

Some people resist Forgiving because they think if they do so, the other’s offensive actions are pardoned and justified. Not so!!! Another person’s actions stimulated feelings – pain, humiliation, disgust – and that stands. Forgiveness offers relief from the pain of holding onto grudges, anger and negative energy – truly setting you free!

When we learn to see the pain behind another’s actions, Forgiveness becomes easy. And then we are really at peace within. When we focus on the other’s pain and their unmet needs, we can respond from a loving place rather than a hurt and injured one.

Each article in this issue reveals the author’s insights on Forgiveness and tips for your Imagery Forgiveness process. We also include the highlights from this year’s conference, identify the 2013 Imagery Person of the Year and share our new President-Elect’s story. Stay tuned for March’s issue with its theme of GENEROSITY. Happy Holidays!!!!!

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