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Inner Strength Through Imagery – Charlotte Reznick

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Chloe’s Story: Inner Strength Through Imagery

By Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.

Charlotte Reznick

Charlotte Reznick

What better way to help a child find Strength than to start within. Chloe’s in-depth story gets to the heart of what Imagery (both guided and interactive) can accomplish – aim for resiliency throughout life. And with the help of Imagination tools, she also connects to other aspects of inner Strength such as self-appreciation and self-love.

Six-year-old Chloe described how she ran from the playground and hid in the bushes. She hated herself for having no friends. Other girls had easily formed a close group in soccer practice, while Chloe’s forte was swimming. Chloe felt excluded and rejected. She felt weak and didn’t know what to do.

Although Chloe’s parents tried to reassure her that her classmates would be lucky to be her friend, she didn’t believe them. “You have to say that,” she said. “You’re my parents.” At six, she had a history of losses. Her nursery school chum turned away from her in kindergarten. She found another friend around the block, but within six months that girl moved. Each felt like a betrayal that shook Chloe’s tender heart. So whenever a new friend appeared, it was natural for her to worry that her new friend, too, might leave. By the time her parents brought her to me, Chloe’s fragile sense of self was in tatters. She had no inner Strength to do anything but be sad. This seemed a critical time to help Chloe develop Strength through the positive aspects of Imagery and meditation.

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