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Meet Jenny Garrison our President-Elect

Jenny Garrison

Jenny Garrison

We are happy to present Jenny Garrison, RN as Imagery International’s president-elect.  She has been teaching and practicing imagery since 1991. She is the author of Imagery In You: Mining for Treasure in your Inner World. She is trained by the International Institute for Visualization Research and The Academy For Guided Imagery. Her focus is on the expansion of open-heartedness through imagery as spiritual practice. With a teaching style that is informal and experiential, she welcomes all.

She replied in her gracious acceptance as President-Elect:

Imagery is our business, our organization, the heart of why we are here.
It is slowly rising in public consciousness but has not yet broken the surface. We have an organization in place. That is amazing, and important. We are ready to hold those who work alone and with others to bring consciousness of this potent modality to the surface where it can breathe and grow and become an agent for positive change and benefit for earth and mankind.

I have ideas, and I look forward to bringing them to our table. We all have gifts, and through joining together as a board and as an organization that supports members (and vice versa!)we can cover a lot of bases. I look forward to meeting you all face to face in October, and re-establishing connection with those of you I have already met. Thank you again for your trust and confidence. I wish for a fruitful and full term, and some fun and growing too!

Jenny was a speaker at our 2009 conference.  Her title was Expanding Open-Heartedness; Imagery As Spiritual Practice. 

She is currently studying with Dr. Eligio Stephan Gallegos.  Deep Imagery is the name given to the non-scripted process of imagery developed by Dr. Gallegos in 1982. The core base of this imagery is called “The Personal Totem Pole Process.” Under the care of a guide, images are called forth from the energy centers or Chakras. Often, these are animal images, and this work is fondly known by insiders as “the Animal Work”. Dr. Gallegos refined this work and presented it in text and instruction, seeing it as a way of healing and knowing our innermost selves, with roots steeped in native understandings of animals as bearers of medicine, eastern teachings of the chakras as centers of vital energy, and Carl Jung’s theory of active imagination.

Trainings in Deep Imagery are offered independently by trainers certified worldwide through the International Institute for Visualization Research, or IIVR. Introductory Workshops are offered for interested people of all professions. Training to become a certified guide is a three step process, usually done in several weekend workshops over the course of three years. Training to lead workshops can be undertaken after becoming a certified guide.

Speaking from personal experience, she says she was fortunate to train under Dr. Gallegos in one-on-one guiding and also as a workshop leader. The trainings are usually fairly small, six to twelve people gathering at a select location several times over the course of several years. The training is a very personal commitment to healing and growth as well as a way of learning to offer the work to others. The key aspects that ground this work are respect, allowing, and non-intrusion by the guide.

My training in deep imagery preceded training with the Academy for Guided Imagery, and has been a foundation not only in my work but in my life and daily meditation practice. This training is an immersion in the inner world, undertaken with the greatest of care and a deep honoring of the images that come forth from within to help us heal and grow.

I am happy to respond to inquiries about my experience or this synopsis. E-mail:

Welcome and thank you for accepting this important post Jenny.

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