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FREE Teleseminar – Transformative Power of Dreams

We wanted to let you know about a special opportunity featuring Robert Moss, the bestselling author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and 13 other books on the transformative power of dreams. On Wednesday, July 23rd, Robert will present a FREE teleseminar called “The Power of Active Dreaming: How to Use Your Dreamtime for Healing & Transformation”.

Most of us think of dreams as barely remembered, passive entertainment. But around the world, shamans have pioneered a powerful, valuable, and fascinating way to approach dreaming—seeing it as a time for transformation, healing, and getting guidance from higher levels of reality.

These ancient practices have increasingly been validated by modern science, which has recognized the ability for us to gain full lucidity and self-awareness in the Dreamtime—opening the possibility for new adventures in consciousness.

Robert is a brilliant and fascinating teacher on this subject, introducing a real paradigm shift in how we view our dreams, our souls, and even the way we view waking reality.

During this FREE teleseminar, you will learn:

  • The practice of Active Dreaming to perceive your future more accurately and receive valuable guidance for decision-making
  • How to open up your dreams to a direct connection with guides, giving you access to deeper spiritual awareness
  • How you can re-enter dreamscapes and continue the journey to gain access to wisdom and healing
  • A shamanic perspective on the use of dreams to illuminate what is going on in your body or life

Yours on the journey,

—Sounds True

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Disclaimer: Robert Morse is not a member of Imagery International.

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