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Need to Empower Your Inner Child?

“Frozen” to Free: Empowering Our Inner Child

Glenda Cedarleaf

Glenda Cedarleaf

I rarely feel drawn to animated movies but I do love children’s stories. One Friday night when I was feeling very sad, I decided to go to the movies at the last minute and picked “Frozen”.

Someone had recommended it but I did not expect it to be much more than an escape from the grief that was weighing heavily on my heart. I ended up loving this beautiful animated journey and when I walked out of the theater, hope was in my heart again.

This story celebrates our inner power.

The relationship between the sisters and the power of the song “Let it Go” reminded me of our archetypal hero’s journey and how we make meaning and heal our lives through facing our fears and finding our allies and restoring our faith.

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