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You Are Not a Statistic

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

An excerpt from In Sickness as in Health: Helping Couples Cope with the Complexities of Illness
by Barbara Kivowitz (Author), Roanne Weisman (Author)
Roundtree Press (January 15, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1937359131

This is taken from Kevin Pho, MD blog Look for a Doctor Who Understands Healing

You are not a statistic

Ironically, the surgeon who repaired her heart also left her heartbroken. While he and the neurologists may have considered it their obligation to present what they envisioned as the truth, they assumed too much. Statistical medical probabilities based on aggregate data don’t necessarily apply to an individual, who is unique and has her own potentially miraculous capacities. Statistics can’t take into account one patient’s willpower, another’s deep faith, and another’s reliance on non-conventional healing. They also don’t take into account the enormous value of a loving partner. Yet these factors, along with many others, can sometimes overturn the sentence of even a severe diagnosis.

With the initial shock of diagnosis, the injured person and the partner are extremely vulnerable. They feel as if they have been deposited on an alien planet where the laws of familiar physics no longer apply and the air is toxic. The suddenness of the change means there is a lag time between the new reality and their ability to function within it. All their normal coping skills remain on planet Earth even as they have to immediately learn to breathe in this new atmosphere. In this unhinged state, they naturally seek a powerful guide, and typically grant omniscient status to the doctor.

The doctor becomes the orientation point in this new and frightening universe. Her words signify more than educated opinion; they become oracular. It is as if she can foresee their future and has the potential to return them to safe ground. Linda’s heart surgeon’s parting words were, “Sorry you stroked, but heart-wise you’re fine.” He was satisfied that he had done his job. Anything outside the surgical realm was not his responsibility.

“I felt that he had dismissed me as a whole person,” said Linda. “I was just another surgical case to him.” Had Linda not possessed some abiding source of internal steel, the surgeon’s words might have become her living epitaph.

It is not unusual, in the aftershock of diagnosis, for patients and their partners to either submit silently to the sentence or pummel the doctor with questions as they desperately seek loopholes through which they can squeeze their fading hopes. The doctor remains the focal point. Her words at this delicate moment — where the mind is ricocheting from fear to fear, and the body and soul’s natural healing abilities need encouragement — can have fateful impact.

What is Body-Centered Inquiry

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Jonathan Foust: What Is Body-Centered Inquiry?

“What if our best counselor for making decisions is our own body?” reflects Sounds True producer Randy Roark as he introduces this week’s selection from author and teacher Jonathan Foust. In this excerpt from Body-Centered Inquiry: Meditation Training to Awaken Your Inner Guidance, Vitality, and Loving Heart, Foust explains the underpinning principles of body-centered inquiry, wherein one can use self-examination, open curiosity, and meditation to access the body’s natural wisdom. Through Foust’s guidance, you can begin the path to surprising insights gleaned from “the wonderful distinction between your biography and your biology.”

Click HERE to hear the version on the Sounds True site.

Need to Empower Your Inner Child?

Monday, May 12th, 2014

“Frozen” to Free: Empowering Our Inner Child

Glenda Cedarleaf

Glenda Cedarleaf

I rarely feel drawn to animated movies but I do love children’s stories. One Friday night when I was feeling very sad, I decided to go to the movies at the last minute and picked “Frozen”.

Someone had recommended it but I did not expect it to be much more than an escape from the grief that was weighing heavily on my heart. I ended up loving this beautiful animated journey and when I walked out of the theater, hope was in my heart again.

This story celebrates our inner power.

The relationship between the sisters and the power of the song “Let it Go” reminded me of our archetypal hero’s journey and how we make meaning and heal our lives through facing our fears and finding our allies and restoring our faith.

I invite you to read the entire article by clicking here.

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2014 Conference Speakers Posted

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

We are pleased to announce the speaker selection for Imagery International’s 6th Annual Conference:

Andrew Wagner, MD: “Sacred Moments, Healing at the End of Life”
Julia Weaver, MFT and Laurie Marshall, MA: “Healing Hearts Mandalas:Re-Wiring the Human Race.”
Denise Hughes, MACP: “Money Shadow Dancing: Healing our Relationship with Money.”
Dorit Netzer, PhD, ATR-BC, LCAT: “Imaginal Resonance: Healing Ourselves, Healing our World.”
Darcie Richardson, MA: “The Faces Project: Looking Glass Reflections Through our Many Selves or Who is Visiting Now?”
Maureen Minnehan Jones, RN: “The Modus Operandi Technique: Tap into your Inner Power to Heal.”

Visit our conference page to see pictures and biography by clicking HERE.

Theme for 2014 Conference: The Healing Power of Imagery
October 24 – 26, 2014

Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park, CA, on the Peninsula of the Bay Area

The focus of our conference is to gather lovers of guided imagery who wish to renew and grow both personally and professionally.

Click HERE to visit our conference page for details as they are announced.