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ImagiNews: March 2014

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From the Editor’s Desktop:

By Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC

Bev Hollander, editor

Bev Hollander, editor

Hello everyone,

It’s a busy year already, isn’t it?  I have a few announcements to make here.  First we have our Graphic’s Designer, Kerima, leaving us after her relatively short tenure. We really need help in finding her replacement.  Hasn’t she moved the visual quality and caliber of ImagiNews up a few notches?

Also, Dr. Epstein is going on what I am calling a hiatus – meaning, I hope he will be back.

It is my sincere interest to move the content of ImagiNews in a more professional direction with a clinical focus on case studied and client vignettes.  I want to share information from those who practice this creaft of Imagey to help all of us to become more skilled and creative in the Imagery work we do.  We wnat to present cutting edge research that vliadate what we alreay know – Imagery is a powerful therapeutic process.

Towards that effort, Charlotte Reznick, current 2012 Imagery International Person of the Year, has aggreed to share some of her case studies with us so that the healing aspects of Imagery will be emphasized.  I believ she will offer us new approaches we can utilize with out own clients.  In addition, we have a new column from our Board Member, Kate Sculti.. She is going to scour the research out there and present what she finds on a new column entiteld – Imagery Research in the News.  I am delighted.

The theme for June’s issue is “PEACE”

Certainly you have witnessed magery sessions where the Peace felt profund. Share your story with your peers. I look forward to hearing from you or before May 1st.

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