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Flex Your Memory Muscle

Flex Your Memory Muscle: How Mental Athletes Train their Brains by Lisa Fields
AmericanProfile, January 10, 2014


Mental Athletes

Nelson Dellis, 29, of Miami, Florida, who won the USA Memory Championship in 2011 and 2012, was inspired to improve his memory when his grandmother was losing hers to Alzheimer’s disease. Dellis, who can memorize the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards in 63 seconds, insists that his memory was average before he began his quest.

“When my grandmother died, it was a turning point,” says Dellis, a former software developer who now is a motivational speaker and memory consultant. “I couldn’t believe that it was possible for the human mind to decline that way. I needed to see what I could do now to try to make my brain healthier.”

He spends hours every day improving his memory through various techniques. Like most serious mental athletes, Dellis uses vivid images to help him remember.

“Take whatever it is you’re trying to memorize and turn it into a mental image,” Dellis says. “Make it as crazy or over-the-top as possible—that’s what your brain prefers to memorize. If you want to remember your grocery list and the first two things are toilet paper and Q-tips, picture some wet toilet paper wrapped around a Q-tip, and you’re sticking it all in your ear, and there’s lots of wax.”

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