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What Disease like Symptoms are Related to Flight/Fight/Freeze

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On Imagery Internationals LinkedIn group Judith Westerfield asks the question:

Judith Westerfield

Judith Westerfield

Which do you find to be more effective – Hypnosis and/or Guided Imagery ?????

The ensuing discussion on this topic includes some information from Somatic Experiencing (SE™) which postulates that trauma is held in the body and is reflected in the head.

Below is a diagram from the SE training program showing the relationship between the Fligth Fight Response and diseases resulting from chronic stress or the Freeze state.  Stephan Porges Polyvagal Theory which shows the relationship between the dorsal vagal and ventral vegal nerves and helps to understand what is going on in the Autonomic Nervous System and and trauma symptoms often misdiagnosed as disease.

Diane Poole Heller offers a video title “Hardwired to Heal: Overview of the Reciprocal ANS and the Polyvagal Social Engagement Nervous System” which explains the basis for supporting clients working through the freeze state.



Click to download a full size of the poster Stress_Effects.

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