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Podcast Interview with Carl Hendel, MD: Magic, Mysticism and Imagery

October 2013 Conference Speaker Carl Hendel, MD:  Magic, Mysticism and Imagery

Carl Hendel

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Carl Hendel, MD, one of the founders of Imagery International and featured presenter at Imagery International’s 2013 Conference discusses his personal and professional use of imagery with Lea Bayles, Imagery International Program Director. Dr Hendel explains the difference between fakery and true magic, explores the meaning of soul, transcendence and the supernatural and explains how imagery can allow us to reach non-ordinary states of reality in which healing and transformation can happen. Carl Hendel is a medical doctor who has practiced Integrative Medicine in Santa Rosa, California for over 20 years. A former anesthesiologist, his study of mind-body medicine was initiated through a personal healing path. Carl has studied Chinese Medicine in China, and cultivated skills in manual medicine and behavioral medicine, with interests in hypnosis and interactive imagery and Tai Chi. Contact Dr.Hendel:  Click HERE to visit his website. Posted July 3, 2013

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