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Board Meeting – Power of Intention

Dear Imagery Community,

Sue Ezra President

Sue Ezra

Your 2013 board had an extended meeting on June 9. Susan Ezra, our new president, led the intention to set goals with this beautiful imagery exercise:

Imagine taking your right hand and reaching in to the center of our circle so all our hands overlap. Feel our connection by hands, hearts and minds, blending our individual energy into a collective. This image forms a wheel or a mandala. There may be color, sound or movement as well. Right above our hands sit the teal colored ii representing Imagery International and our healing imagery community.

Let’s clearly set our intention today for us to tap into our creativity, intelligence and intuition so that we may easily reach wise decisions for the benefit of our II community and growth of our organization.

Susan also asked us to imagine the board being surrounded and supported by the membership, and waves rippling to the horizon and back—touching others and drawing them to us. We would love for each of you to take a few moments and imagine your connection to the Imagery International circle.

This was an inspired meeting. We also said goodbye to our outgoing Treasurer, Janet Barr and welcomed incoming Treasurer, Denise Hughes, who joined us for the meeting but will officially begin her duties sometime this summer.

We invite you to visit our Board of Directors page to see all of your Imagery International representatives.

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