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Kate Sculti Member-at-Large

Welcome to Kate Sculti our newest Member-at-Large

Kate Sculti, BSN, MA, MPH

Kate Sculti

Kate Sculti

Kate earned a B. S. in Nursing and an M.A. in Nursing Education. She completed her Nurse Practitioner training in Women’s Health and subsequently earned a Master of

Public Health. Kate is certified in Integrative Imagery through Beyond Ordinary Nursing. She is a Reiki II practitioner, and has trained in first level Yoga Nidra practice.

As a Nurse Practitioner, Kate has been devoted to providing women with expert screening, ongoing monitoring, informed guidance, and a plan for maintaining wellness. She has served on various committees and been a radio guest discussing issues related to women’s health.

Through Imagery and Reiki, Kate offers support and empowerment to a wide variety of patients. Experiencing and witnessing the power of the Image to bring meaning and healing into people’s lives has been transformative.

In 2006, Kate completed a training program in art and is currently designing and developing an Art and Healing program for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The program is envisioned to be one that will bring the healing power of the Image, via artistic engagement, to populations of ill, injured and grieving patients.

Kate was invited to be on the Board of Directors of Imagery International, and accepted with great delight. She will serve as a Member-at-Large.

When asked about her interest she said: “I likely first learned of Imagery International through Susan Ezra and Terry Reed the co-directors of Beyond Ordinary Nursing, but don’t recall the specifics. As far as plans for my tenure, I have a feeling I’ll be hearing about them shortly! Really, I’m happy to participate in any way that I can.”

Editor’s Note:

Kate is a speaker at this year’s conference

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