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Randy Kasper – New Membership Chair

Meet Randy Kasper, LCSW, BC

Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD

Randy Kasper, LCSW, BCD

From Randy’s Facebook page:

I hope you haven’t received multiple invites to this page, still learning how to navigate. But…if you haven’t visited and liked it yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂  See me on FaceBook

Excerpts from her School of Imagery and Healing FaceBook page

Healing Visualizations – Creating Health Through Imagery by Gerald Epstein, MD – The book that started all this for me! Why imagery? It is effortless hyper-attention. Attention to what? To beliefs. Why? Because by changing the troublesome, false beliefs, we change our lives. How? False beliefs block us from our true selves and our inner wisdom. It allows us to bypass all the habitual stories that we tell ourselves and get to the heart of the matter. All of this can sound pretty heady. Which brings me back to, Why imagery? Simply put, when we see the belief in the form of the image, we can change the image, the belief, our life. And even – dare I say it?- have fun in the process!


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“Bit by bit”. Imagery as I use it is most often short exercises. In and out, now go live life! So how can such quick exercises create lasting changes, especially when the shift seems to disappear once the exercise is over? No worries. Equate it with pointillism in art. We make a correction and the mind/ body registers it. Don’t try to hold on to the feeling. Just keep practicing and soon- no one knows when- you will suddenly see that all the seemingly haphazard dots of corrections have created a masterpiece! – with thanks to George Seurat and Stephen Sondheim.

3/13/13. Lot of 3’s! Choosing the name “SIgH” pleased me because an outbreath is the starting point of most imagery exercises. “Breathe out 3 times”. (BO3X to those in the know) Three is used because it brings synthesis, a coming together. And that’s the intention: a bringing back together, a re-membering. 🙂

>>>>>>>If you wish to join Imagery International and have an enlightening experience contact Randy Kasper, LSCW, BC.<<<<<<<

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