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Susan Ezra New President of Imagery International

Greetings friends, colleagues and those whom I have not yet met.

Susan Ezra

Susan Ezra

I am happy to say – I am your new president! I will also say – I am not as elegant and graceful as Juliet, our outgoing president (that is a compliment to her and not a detriment to me). However, I will serve with an open mind and dedicated heart, like Juliet has over the previous two years.

Most of you know me, but for those who do not, I will give a little background. I have been deeply involved in promoting Imagery as a healing modality since 1989.

I was in the very first Academy for Guided Imagery training with David Bresler, PhD and Marty Rossman, MD. I fell in love with the power of this work at my first preceptorship. I have continued ever since. This particular mind/body healing approach fits me like
hand-in-glove. It resonates with my belief that my role is as a guide to catalyze the healing potential in each person. I see myself as a reflective mirror and sojourner.

I served on the faculty of the Academy for Guided Imagery and then, with Terry Reed, created Beyond Ordinary Nursing (BON) in 1996 to train nurses and other healthcare professionals nationwide in Imagery. It has been immensely rewarding to see health professionals transformed by this work and then implement Imagery in their own client settings.

Terry and I taught the Certificate Program in Integrative Imagery to hundreds of people for 13 years. Due to financial constraints and the shrinking economy, we have just recently decided to formally close the business entity of BON. However, we both continue offering Imagery in our private practices and other venues. We trust that the ripple effect continues through all of us and the work continues to evolve.

Imagery International is one significant way Imagery continues to be heard and seen. I have been part of the association since its inception and have served as membership chair for the past four years. It only seems natural to now serve as president.

My vision is to continue fostering a strong and healthy community for our professional colleagues through more educational offerings. I also intend to promote Imagery through our annual conference, which is growing every year. The association is in a strong place with a good foundation and infrastructure supporting it.

With warm regards,

Susan Ezra

RN, HN-BC 415-308-7808 or

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