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Dr. Emmett Miller podcast on Trauma Program

Dr. Emmett Miller

Dr. Emmett Miller

Healing Trauma and Treating PTSD Recovering from the Newtown School Shooting and Preventing Another
by Emmett Miller, MD

You don’t have to be there at ground zero to be impacted and even profoundly traumatized by an event as horrific as the Newtown Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Even President Obama cried.

Because much of my work has been helping people heal from trauma and abuse, I have been asked to comment on the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

In this podcast I will be sharing some suggestions on:
1.    How you can release and heal from any trauma you might feel in the wake of this tragedy.
2.    What you can do to answer deeper questions like: Why did this shooting happen? Why do these things continue to happen? And is there something that I can do about it?

Thank you so much for spending time with me, I wish you infinite blessings, unconditional love, and the presence to fully enjoy them.

To hear the Free Podcast: Healing Trauma and Treating PTSD Program click on this link:

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