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Belleruth Naparstek’s Thoughts on Helping Newtown

On the Complexities of Volunteering Time and Resources to Newtown
by Belleruth Naparstek
Monday, 17 December 2012

[This is an excerpt from Belleruth Naparstek’s blog.]

Belleruth Naparstek

It’s hard to wish everyone a happy holiday with such insanity swirling around us.  This latest tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School defies words, as many have already said.  But all of us here at Health Journeys wish all of you peace and healing nonetheless, after this latest national tragedy.

We got several concerned notes last week, asking us to please donate our guided imagery to those affected by the tragic and unimaginable events in Newtown.  One person wrote,

I am writing to ask if you would make yourself or your media available to the families and little ones of Newtown, Conn.  I have had such wonderful success with your guided imagery and healing words I would hope you could send some CDs to the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I know your words could help to bring peace and comfort to many others if you could find it in your heart to make it readily available. Thank you for giving yourself to so many who need you in this troubled world.

First, let me just say that there isn’t a staff person at Health Journeys who doesn’t find it in his/her oversized heart to help in some way.  We are always deeply glad to be able to create a web page with free streams and downloads for survivors of tragedies.  And we’ve done so for those impacted by Katrina, Virginia Tech, Tucson and Chardon High School. (A sample of the page we built for Chardon survivors is here.)

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