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Call for Proposals

Proposals are due February 8, 2013.  Conference is October 4 to 6 at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA

Hello all you wonderful Imagery Lovers Everywhere!

Jann Fredrickson-Ramus

Remember how I told you that I would be asking for proposals soon?  Well,
that time is here!  I will be accepting proposals from now until the 8th of
February, 2013.

What I need from you when you submit your proposal:

1.  Two objectives.
2.  Proposal should be written in an outline style clearly stating what you
are presenting.
3.  Presentations that are EXPERIENTIAL tend to be chosen over those that
are basically lecture.  Presentations are to be 90 minutes long.
4.  Proposals must have something to do with our theme: “The Magic of
5.  We do not pay our speakers.  All travel and lodging is your responsibility.  We do pay your tuition to the conference.
6.  At the end of the proposal, please state your audio-visual needs.
7.  If you are chosen, a contract will be sent to you and ONLY WHEN YOU
RETURN the contract will you be considered a presenter.
8.  You are free to “hawk your wares” at tables provided at the conference. All proceeds from your book sales, CD sales, and the like are yours and we take no cut from these proceeds.  HOWEVER, during your presentation you may
mention your book, etc. ONCE.  We don’t want the presentations to be all about self-promotion and not about the Magic of Imagery.

Each year I receive many great proposals and I know that this year will be no exception.  This is our fifth conference and each year I am amazed at the quality of people who present.  If you have never been to one of our conferences, please consider it as you save your pennies in the next months.  I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Jann Fredrickson Ramus
2013 Conference Chair
651-208-6458 (You can call me anytime.  Best times to reach me are between
the hours of noon and 3pm Minnesota Time.)

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