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Dr. Charlotte Reznick’s Help for Flood Survivors


Kids and Superstorm Sandy:

         How to Heal, How to Help

Charlotte Reznick

Once again, we have been faced with another disaster – this time Superstorm Sandy. Once again, our children, near and far are at risk for trauma.

These last two weeks have been very stressful for many. And with the U.S. elections overshadowing Superstorm Sandy, I want us not to forget, but to remember to keep taking care of our own.

Although I live on the west coast, I grew up in New York City and the area and people are very dear to my heart. This weekend I’ll be visiting – to speak at the Expressive Arts Therapy Conference (amazingly still going on) and to do what I can to help.

I’ve come across some terrific resources for kids from “The Great Storm and Flood Recovery Parent Guide” created by the Mentor Research Institute. Here’s some of their info… (and a super story coloring book for kids is linked to below).

Emotional Consequences of a Flood…

 None of us are fully prepared to deal with a flood. We feel devastated whenever there is a loss, belongings or property are destroyed, or there is serious injury or a loss of life. We are overwhelmed when our children, friends, or co-workers and loved-ones experience tragic, dangerous or life threatening events. Older children tend to have many of the same symptoms of adults, while very young children tend to talk more about stomach aches and other pains. Symptoms may come and go. Many people can function very well in a crisis, but will eventually experience some symptoms due to exhaustion and the effect of ongoing stress. Recognizing and discussing our emotional and physical reactions, as well as ways to effectively cope will help.

 To read the rest of the story click HERE


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