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Contagious in the Best Ways

Being Contagious In All the Best Ways and Imagery News

by Leslie Davenport

Leslie Davenport

You know what it’s like when an angry person walks into a room, and tension ripples through the group atmosphere? Or how calm you feel when you talk with a particular friend, regardless of the topics? And how fun it is to be caught in a laughter fest?

Spiritual traditions have described, and others have instinctually known, that we are contagious – we emit moods, vibrations, states of being that impact those around us. And science has recently offered one explanation with the discovery of mirror neurons.

This is great news! Our very being communicates. And the more conscious and present we become, the more we can make a positive contribution in simple day-to-day moments. Consider that when we interact with others while in a peaceful, loving state, it’s not just modeling behavior: You are actually lighting up the very nervous system of another.

This doesn’t mean denying feelings or hiding out if you are not in the best mood. It is about recognizing the choices we have, the impact we make, and the practices available to us.

Practice: Take a few moments to let your breath flow from head to toes, releasing muscular tension on the exhalation, and feeling the freshness of each new breath. Sense your vitality, deeper than physical sensation, thoughts and emotions. Let your pure energy radiate out though your skin, your eyes, your heart. Now look at someone and know that beneath their personality and experiences is the same radiant energy. See (or imagine) their essence, sensing the unity of life force that arises in all.

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