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Podcast June 2012: Lisa Firestone, PhD

Lisa Firestone

Guided Imagery and the Inner Critical Voice is June’s topic.  Lisa Firestone, PhD and Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD discuss the broad reaching effects (including generational effects) of the inner critical voice on suicide, violence, child abuse and troubled interpersonal relationships.

Lisa is a practicing clinical psychologist in Santa Barbara. She is the Director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association and Senior Editor at PsychAlive. offers a lot of film strips by professionals.  It provides a place where people can learn to take an active, introspective approach to their lives. The articles, blogs, videos, quizzes and interactive workshops featured on PsychAlive introduce visitors to sound psychological principles and practices, while offering an insightful means of coping with life’s everyday problems. Alive to Self, Alive to Intimacy and Alive to Parenting. Each of these sections focuses on the many emotional issues that can arise as we strive to lead our lives as successful individuals, partners and parents.

Professionals are welcome to check on upcoming events offered by The Glendon Association:  Both free and CE webinars are available on the website.  You’ll find information on saving lives and enhancing mental health by addressing the social problems of suicide, violence,  child abuse and troubled interpersonal relationships.

Visit her website to find out about upcoming publications and freewebinars and her private practice.


Join Dr.  Sheldon Solomon and Dr Lisa Firestone for a free webinar on Self-Esteem Tuesday June 12 at 11AM (PST). They will address the key components in understanding self-esteem and how self-esteem consists of the belief that one is a valuable contributor to a meaningful universe. Self-esteem is one of the most common constructs in psychology and was recognized by William James to be as important for humans as basic emotions like fear and anger. Dr. Solomon will articulate the distinction between self-esteem and narcissism based on work by Ernest Becker and Karen Horney and will provide empirical evidence of the vital importance of self-esteem.

To learn more and register click HERE

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