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Registration Opens for 4th Annual Conference

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Hello Imagery Lovers Everywhere.

Sandra Warnken

Registration for Imagery International’s 4th conference is now open on our annual conference page. Register now to take advantage of our Early Bird specials.  Become a member and save $60 on your conference registration.

Scroll down to Conference Registration / Accommodation Fees  for the links to ‘online’ registration with credit card or ‘downloadable’ paper form you can send in with a check. You’ll also find the details from flyer to dates, fees, transportation and maps.

We have an outstanding lineup of presenters who offer fascinating viewpoints on “Imagery and the Soul”. Be prepared to be inspired and renewed by conference end.

Emmett Miller, MD: Awakening the Soul of Your Inner Leader
Patricia Bisch, MA, MFT: Transform & Reclaim Your Perfect Body Weight: Reconnecting to Your Soul Innocence with Imagery and Other Techniques
Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HN-BC, FCN: The Therapeutic Application of Integrative Imagery for Deep Soul Connection – Bev is Imagery International’s Imagery Person of the Year, 2010
Clandis V. Payne, MA: Images of Rituals in Healing the Brokenhearted
Amrita Cottrell, Imagery and Music/Music and Imagery: A Psychoacoustic Music ExplorationLea Bayles, M.A. (formerly Lea Houston) – Emeritus Speaker: Sacred Body, Sacred Planet: 3 Keys to Activate Nature’s Transformational Magic for Radiant Health, Vibrant Creativity and Joyful Evolution

See more about our speakers HERE

4th Annual Conference Registration Information

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Hello Imagery Lovers Everywhere.

2012 Conference Flyer

Imagery International’s 4th Annual Conference – Imagery and the Soul is on it’s way.  Our Conference page now contains information for registration and accommodation fees and due dates.  If you are a member you will receive a $60 discount.

The paper registration form used for paying by check is up. We will have the online registration payable with credit card this weekend.  Stay tuned.

As requested by feedback from the last conference participants will have more time to investigate the conference grounds and network with participants.  The labyrinth is an attraction that you will have time to investigate.  The peace and serenity found walking the paths meandering around the hillside and by the creek will help integrate the learnings from our speakers.

You won’t find a two day conference at this price anywhere. Please download our 2012 Conference flyer and please tell a colleague. This is going to be an incredible conference.


Podcast June 2012: Lisa Firestone, PhD

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Lisa Firestone

Guided Imagery and the Inner Critical Voice is June’s topic.  Lisa Firestone, PhD and Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD discuss the broad reaching effects (including generational effects) of the inner critical voice on suicide, violence, child abuse and troubled interpersonal relationships.

Lisa is a practicing clinical psychologist in Santa Barbara. She is the Director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association and Senior Editor at PsychAlive. offers a lot of film strips by professionals.  It provides a place where people can learn to take an active, introspective approach to their lives. The articles, blogs, videos, quizzes and interactive workshops featured on PsychAlive introduce visitors to sound psychological principles and practices, while offering an insightful means of coping with life’s everyday problems. Alive to Self, Alive to Intimacy and Alive to Parenting. Each of these sections focuses on the many emotional issues that can arise as we strive to lead our lives as successful individuals, partners and parents.


Best book in the Self-Help Category

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Congratulations Maureen Minnehan Jones.  Her book, Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow, is the winner of the 2012 International Book Awards. It has been awarded best book in the Self-Help Category!

Maureen Minnehan Jones

Maureen says, “It is a thrill to be honored! My vision for Wisdom to Wellness is to give people the tools to embody the gift of health worldwide. Through my passionate commitment and life work devoted to healing, I envision inspiring and bringing hope with this new breakthrough view and method universally.”

Maureen is a speaker, author, Registered Nurse, Guided Imagery Practitioner.  Find out more about her private practice on her website Maureen Minnehan Jones.  She is also a staff nurse at Doctors Home HealthCare and a staff nurse/supervisor at American Home Care Education.

ImagiNews: June 2012

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

A free electronic copy of June 2011 edition of ImagiNews is available here:

From the Editor’s Desk By Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC

Bev Hollander

Well, it almost goes without saying how sad I feel about Judith leaving. So, once again, solo-mio! I am in charge of this issue and take full responsibility for any errors. I don’t have my eagle-eyed partner here to give things a second and third look! I hope you enjoy, nonetheless.

As a result, I am looking for a partner to work with me on the editing. This person needs to be familiar with WORD and its tool “Tracking Changes” in order to do the editing process. You also need to be filled with a great sense of humor, work under deadlines, and have a good grasp of punctuation, grammar and flow. Take note, at present, this is a volunteer position. Contact me @ if you are interested.

Ritual – hmmmm. I have thought of ImagiNews as a bit of a Ritual for me. I have a process for its publication, yet it has felt routine and a bit mundane, as described in Fania’s article. I take heart and will consider creating a Ritual in advance of editing that will ensure the best outcome for you, our readers. By the best outcome, I mean inspirational, enthralling and enlightening. I can do that for you!
Everyday in my home, we have a Ritual for gratitude. At our evening meal, those present offer their gratitudes for the day – thankfulness for the abundance we find in nature, the animal who gave his or her life that we might be nourished, and the beauty of the sunset – whatever has moved us throughout the day. This moment in time allows us to fully appreciate our lives and the gifts we receive daily, if only we are open and aware.

Another Ritual, similar to Fania’s description, is the morning Ritual. Walk the dogs, let the chickens out to range and thank them for their eggs, and then, oh yes, then, the cappuccino – lately made with half and half – that is enjoyed for each and every sip. I like to ease into my day you see!

Spring has finally sprung here and I am enjoying the abundance of green grass, purple iris and deep blue camas lilies. I hope you are enjoying similar bounty. Days like these are ones where I wish I was an herbivore seeing as that grass looks so luscious.

Our next theme is “Unity.” All submissions are due by August 1st, please. Take note that submissions need to be approximately 750 words or less. This way, you will not be overwhelmed by lengthy articles and we can include more authors’ works per issue. Guidelines for ImagiNews Submissions are available online at our website.

Best wishes to each of you,


How Trauma Affects the Brain

Monday, June 4th, 2012

We all know that trauma affects the way our patients think. But did you know that recent evidence shows that trauma changes the brain itself?

Bessel van der Kolk, MD reveals that quantitative EEG’s of soldiers show that the brain becomes more disorganized after every new exposure to combat trauma – it’s all part of an upcoming free webinar from NICABM’s Trauma Therapy Series. The webinars will take place every Wednesday at 5:00pm EDT, starting on May 16th. There will be a rebroadcast each week at 6:30pm EDT.

This phenomenon isn’t restricted to service people – it can have an even bigger impact on children with chronic exposure to abuse and neglect.

Dr. van der Kolk will give you insight into how trauma affects the brain – and how advances in neuroscience are creating unique opportunities for research and treatment. You’ll hear:
•    Why understanding how trauma memories are stored is key to treatment
•    How trauma can destroy one’s sense of time – and why this is critical for recovery
•    The four components of an effective trauma treatment
•    The effect of child abuse and neglect upon neurodevelopment
•    Common mistakes practitioners make
•    Can yoga reverse the secondary brain damage caused by trauma?
It’s free to watch – you just have to sign up.
Or, you can get a Gold Subscription for access to the video recordings, audio recordings, transcripts, and possible CE/CME credits.

Diane Poole Heller, PhD