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The Best Hypnosis Recording

What is the Best Hypnosis Recording For You?
from her blog by Stephanie Rothman
Rothman Hypnosis Phoenix Arizona

Just as the effectiveness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy varies from individual to individual, so too will the effectiveness of a hypnosis recording.  However, it is my opinion that some recordings are better than others.

An interesting observation for me is that no matter how technologically advanced we get (and I can record a .wav file on my digital recorder and burn it to CD or send it in an MP3 format, so here at Rothman Hypnosis we are very technologically advanced), folks still want to call all recordings “tapes.”  Go figure.

A generic recording is the least favorable and the best is a personalized hypnosis recording for the following reasons:

You can buy generic hypnosis recordings on everything from weight loss to smoking cessation and from phobia release to relationship issues all over the Internet, but for the most part, unless you can listen to them ahead of time and determine if there’s nothing in them that won’t bother you, they probably won’t work for you.  Anything that bothers you will cause you to pop out of the very state you are trying to achieve and stay in (i.e. hypnosis). 

Some of the reasons why a hypnosis recording might bother you are as follows:

a.  You don’t relate to the subject matter.  While it may say “weight loss hypnosis” (which of course you do relate to because this is the absolute #1 reason why anybody seeks hypnosis of any sort) you might not like how the subject matter is presented.  For example, the voice on a generic weight loss recording might suggest “You eat less and less every day.”  Is that a good thing?  No!  (If your subconscious mind takes that at face value, that means eventually you will eat nothing).  Can you believe it?  No!  Will you come out of hypnosis if somebody says that to you?  I know I would.  Or the voice could say “You won’t even need to exercise.”  Is that a good thing?  No!  In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to exercise.  Some hypnotist / hypnotherapists use metaphors that some will relate to but not others.  For example, I know of a hypnotherapist that uses a metaphor of a car needing fuel and oil in order to run well on their weight loss recordings.  I hate the idea of eating gas or oil, and since the subconscious mind is literal (we think), that would be real turn off for some.  Would you pop out of hypnosis if you heard this?  I did when I heard it.  Plus, most women except maybe Danica Patrick (I would think, but I could be wrong, and please excuse my lack of political correctness), would probably not relate to metaphors about cars.  I absolutely love this hypnotherapist, but I don’t like their metaphor.

b.  You don’t like the voice of the hypnotist.  You may love the description of their recording on their website.  Some folks are great at writing magnificent descriptions of the content of their recordings, but if the hypnotist’s voice is squeaky, too gravelly, too fast, too slow, or have an accent that you find annoying, or their voice has poor inflections where good inflections matter, you will pop out of hypnosis and not get your desired effect.  A bad waste of good money.

c.  You don’t like the music.  If there’s background music, you may like it, and you just may hate it.  I am very picky about this.  I like Tibetan singing bowls on my recordings because I have found that most people like them, and there’s no music for them not to like.  Another option is no background sound at all, but most people who are making hypnosis recordings will not opt for that.

d.  There are too many pops and clicks and/or background noise.  In essence, the recordings are unprofessional.  Another turn off, and one that will take you right out of hypnosis, even if the hypnotist was able to lull you into trance in the first place.

e.  You don’t like the imagery.  Many hypnotists commonly use a “beach scene” to relax people, because most people relax at the beach.  But not all people!  Some people hate the sand, and the noise when there are lots of kids, and the ocean.  Some people might have even been involved in a tragic tsunami and are deathly afraid of water.  In this case, generic is good!  The best imagery is generic imagery where the person finds their own relaxing spot.  In fact, the best hypnosis is non-leading where the person directs every aspect of their hypnotic event with as little interference from the hypnotist as possible.  They become their own “inner hypnotist” if you will.

All this being said, if you find a hypnotist’s recordings that you enjoy on the whole, they may help you will your issues, challenges, and changes particularly if they help you utilize the powers of your own inner mind and they don’t bother you in any way that would cause you to pop out of hypnosis.

Personalized hypnosis recordings are absolutely the best possible option for you.  If the hypnotist / hypnotherapist is doing their job, they are listening very carefully and closely to everything you are saying and can create a recording that will not only be pleasing to you on every level, but will resonate deeply for you in your subconscious mind where your changes must ultimately take place.  These recordings can be done in person, on the phone, or even on Skype as long as the hypnotist / hypnotherapist has the proper recording devices ready to go.

In essence, no generic hypnosis recording can compare to a personalized hypnosis recording created by an experienced, confident, non-judgemental hypnotist who is cognizant of the fact that your mind knows how to heal and change itself better than any outside source.  And since repetition can be a key ingredient for hypnotic success, a personalized hypnosis recording is always your best bet.

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