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Podcast January 2012: Heather LaFace, PhD

The topic for January 2012’s Podcast is “Imagery and Evolutionary Complexity“.  It is indeed a heady topic as it brings a number of fields together says Heather LaFace, PhD.  She gives our host Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD a lengthy explanation of this new field.  She also provides on request an experiential Guided Imagery exercise that Juliet finds very helpful for building confidence within.

Heather LaFace

Adolescence is a time of deep relational engagement where the body’s changes becomes so important we take up all these interactions when healing.

Adolescents are  learning to have symbolic experiences for the first time. Image production is relational. It’s generated on it’s own cord. LaFace is interested in how images bridge mind and body, inner and outer in adolescents. Their movement is out into the world and away from family.

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Heather is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Psychological Assistant working with individuals, couples and adolescents in a Westwood private practice under the supervision of Dr. Elaine Schulman, PhD. Heather also works as a Psychological Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Marshall Levy, PhD and serves as clinical staff in a multidisciplinary team at a long-term inpatient psychiatric hospital where she works with the chronically and severely mentally ill in treating a wide range of psychological issues, including: mood and anxiety disorders, psychoses, alcohol and substance abuse, and dual diagnosis.


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