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Congratulations Bev – Imagery Person of 2010

We chose Bev Hollander for the 2010 Imagery Person of the Year because she has been an integral part of our Imagery International organization and our hearts since 2007, having served as Board Member, President, and Editor

Bev Hollander IPY 2010

of II’s Journal ImagiNews. Under our fun-loving trail blazer’s forward thinking cutting-edge intuition and editorship, ImagiNews has become the glue that holds our international community together. In honoring Bev, who introduced the use of a theme for each publication, the 19 selected themes from her published issues are used randomly in the expression of II’s deepest gratitude for all that she has given our community in so many ways. It is with great respect that we honor Bev with the esteemed Imagery Person of the Year award. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Bev!


Bev, coming on the Board of Imagery International while also starting an Editorship of ImagiNews created “New Beginnings” for you.  To jump right in with “Courage” allowed you to overcome the initial overwhelm of your first journal issue. Right from the beginning, your determined “Resolution” and “Intention” that everything done for ImagiNews would be for the greater good and “Growth” of our Imagery International “Community” became evident.

Bev Hollander, Judith Ewing r. reads tribute

The “Clarity” of your focused “Intuition” to provide themes around which articles can be written still brings “Illumination” to the ways Imagery can be used in “Healing.” The “Passion” within your “Compassion” has guided the alignment of our authors’ messages of “Hope” and “Joy” in sharing transformational modalities and practices in working with Imagery. This in turn has opened “Portals” of “Opportunity” for us as healthcare practitioners to take on the responsibility to reach even greater depths of awareness and understanding of Imagery in order to make important “Transitions” to support and embrace our clients.

Another delightful feature of ImagiNews initiated by your “Kindness” is the invitation to artists to showcase their original art on the cover. This provides international exposure for them, and it graces our cover with beautiful Images. Then, there is “Serendipity”—finding something valuable and pleasurable when looking for something else. In the beginning, Imagery International was looking for a Board Member, a President, and an Editor. What we found was a most valuable and pleasurable “you” who has taught us on many levels the importance of Transforming to the fullness of compassion, wisdom, and love.

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