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ImagiNews: December 2011

 A free electronic copy of June 2011 edition of ImagiNews is available here:

From the Co-Editors’ Desktops

By Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC and Judith Ewing, M.Ed., M.A., CIH

Bev’s Thoughts

Here’s another ImagiNews – water under the bridge flowing downstream to you, our faithful readers and members. This issue itself flowed quite nicely, in complete contrast to our previous issue. Juliet, II’s President, reached out to her many friends and colleagues and we have been blessed with the most submissions ever. WOW!!!! We even have enough to save for our March and June issues.

Judith and I are now moving in a nice rhythm as we work towards release of each issue. There has been a clear Transition to this place of ease and comfort with each other. Judith has that “Southern Charm” that could talk the leg off of a dog when she asks for something. I am learning how to use it to my advantage as well and am very grateful for this lesson. I must say, the honor bestowed upon me as your Imagery Person of the Year has touched me deeply. I hadn’t realized my contribution, nor thought I had done anything special, particularly in my work with ImagiNews. Perhaps not so very surprisingly, I found it challenging to receive such gifts and forced myself to stay in an open-armed and receiving stance to take in the praise and love. Thank you so very much. The award is absolutely beautiful and holds a place of honor in my home.

I was particularly struck with the vibrancy of colors as well as the story of this issue’s cover painting by Schar Freeman. What a beautiful story that actually is not about the Transition of Death, but Schar’s Transition to a place of strength, connected to Owl, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon while facing a health contribution to us. Please send your hopes, dreams and love our way in any form possible – poetry, story, photos, case studies, letters to the editors – whatever strikes your fancy BUT related to Imagery, please. Look for our new submission standards on the web – to be posted soon. March’s theme is Enlightenment and articles will be due





Judith’s Thoughts

At our 3rd Annual Conference, Carl Hendel shared during his presentation that the greeting “Aloha” carries the deeper meaning “Breath of life.” The out-pouring of our members and readers in support of the auction for our Scholarship Fund, accompanying the generous inpouring of your articles to support ImagiNews breathes a precious aliveness into your co-editor’s and Imagery International’s endeavors. You are phenomenal! And, a special Thanks to our President, Juliet Rohde-Brown, for having wonderful friends who responded to her call for articles. The publishing of your articles brings high quality to our journal, and we thank each of you for your contributions.

As we Transition into 2012, it will be an interesting year in that it is the “ending” of the Mayan Calendar. That we always surround every Transition with love and hope is important for “Enlightenment”—which we have selected as the theme for March 2012. Then for June 2012, our theme will be “Ritual.” Although we have some of your articles saved for those themes, right now there is room for more. So, it is still important to keep the contributions coming for these next issues. Also, Bev and I are in the process of refining Submission

Guidelines that will be posted on the Web soon. One significant change is the new deadline for submissions is being moved up to the 1st of the month prior to the publication of the quarterly issues for March, June, September, and December.

Although we especially miss Dr. Gerald Epstein’s column this month, we are really looking forward to the Enlightenment that he will bring to the March ImagiNews.

The beauty of Schar Freeman’s exquisite painting resonates to the depths of my being. What a beautiful image to Transition into Strength! This message captures the essence of Transition. Thank you so much for giving your permission to showcase your art on this ImagiNews cover.

Now, I wish to congratulate Bev on her being chosen for our International Person of the Year, a most deserved honor. A tribute to Bev can be found on page 10. I want her to know the privilege it is for me to work together on ImagiNews with her….and how much I enjoy the laughter we share together as we tap dance through our roles of co-editorships.

And, to our wonderful authors, readers, and members…..may you always be surrounded by rainbows around your sun, heart, and moon as you come across Transitions in your life’s journey.



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