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Free Guided Imagery healing toolkit

Experience a new teaching tool where technology, science, nature and healing intersect! This is a sensorium and imagery visual palette for healing consciousness with the elements.  Said Osio, a featured speaker at Imagery International’s Third Annual Conference, offers a free deeper guided Imagery healing toolkit on LinkedIn.  His website is illuminated with images containing rich colors and complex patterning.

Said Osio

Experience where technology, science, nature and healing intersect! See a new kind of Powerpoint guided Imagery tool kit: Deeper Guided Imagery Centers and Liquid Light ( wait and read resource as well! ) /guided-imagery-resources/blog

With the ever evolving learning’s in neuro-biology, plasticity, mindfulness as well as an impressive array of creative energy expanding healing horizons in medicine, architecture and design technology the Guided Imagery Collective, exploring creating a deeper approach to healing energy and  spirit mind-body consciousness, has developed its first offering and is releasing a new guided imagery toolset for health care professionals ( Nurses ) practitioners, caregivers, and anyone seeking healing intelligence. This is a free toolset for enhancing learning as well as expanding the building blocks of a visual healing intelligence. A Storyboard Tool Kit: Centers of liquid light.

This tool teaches a process for visual learning, a new visual language for deepening spirit mindbody and healing intelligence, where one can see oneself embodied in union, a visual language of healing symbolism, a stripped visual language as a vocabulary, a pattern language, accessing and tuning into the sensorium of energy through nature’s elements of earth, air, fire and water (the water element is the first release and fire scheduled as the second), a manuscript of nature’s grammar, its elements and the blueprint of living systems from DNA to cells and organs. See resources for free PDF download. or go to slide share to view the PowerPoint


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