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Welcome Janet Barr – Treasurer

We are delighted to welcome our new Treasurer extraordinaire – Janet Barr, CLFC, CLU, CDFA, MS. Janet is a financial adviser located in Santa Barbara, California.  Her skills are much needed as it is clear it is time to evaluate which new programs can be funded.  We have some projects aimed at public and professional education and interest in making our podcasts available to a wider audience through websites like iTunes and Podcast Alley.

Janet was introduced to us for the first time at the annual meeting during the 2011 Imagery

Janet Barr reports

conference.  She is pictured here reporting on our healthy balance.  She has been busy overhauling our way of doing business and offered software to facilitate collaboration between officers on projects. Wow is she energetic and full of ideas to move us forward in a cost effective fashion.

Janet’s business name is Collaborative Financial Solutions, LLC. Her address is 206 E. Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, California.  For more information visit her website here.


Specialties include:

Wealth management, socially responsible and green alternative energy investing, estate planning, divorce settlement planning and financial life planning.

It’s a good time to call 805-965-0101 when you are planning ahead or dealing with:

• Job Change – 401(k) Advice, Investment Selection, Benefits Analysis, Rollover

• Selling a home, business, and other assets in the most tax efficient manner

• Minimizing taxes, Tax Deferral and Tax Free investments

• Divorce or Contemplating divorce
Getting Divorced Checklist

• Wanting a new relationship with your finances
Starting Out Checklist

• Life happens/Protecting against serious loss: Disability, Life, and Long-Term Care, etc.

• Inheritance/Sudden Wealth/Lottery

• Retirement or nearing retirement

• Nearing Retirement Checklist

• Estate Planning Checklist




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