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Conference Starts this Friday

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Imagery International conference starts this Friday, September 30. Shhhhh the official deadline is past, but commuters will be welcome up to the start of the conference. See our conference page for more information.

Jann Fredrickson, LICSW

Jann Fredrickson-Ramus is our conference chair and MC. She is the most enthusiastic imagery practitioner I’ve ever met. That enthusiasm is unflagging and contagious. Coupled with her gift for teaching and leadership (she is a Past President of Imagery International and Imagery Person of the Year for 2005 and writes in ImagiNews under the byline ‘Imagery Here and There’) she has a knack for creating delicious, nurturing, enlightening and motivating gatherings. At her conferences not only do we learn about practical practice applications and intellectual stuff and earn CEUs for it, we enjoy playfulness and humor too. You are invited to sit back relax, enjoy and let your hair down.

If you are an energy psychologist, you will feel the energy of the room shift from contraction to expansion with grounding. There is something about our imagery conferences that goes on beneath the surface and carries a sense of well being beyond it. 

If you are interested in learning more, want to improve your skills, meet with like minded people or be in the healing energy of our professional healers, come to Mercy Center in Burlingame this Friday, September 30.

Friday evening we will hold our annual meeting.  The Imagery Person of the Year will be revealed. This year we will hold a silent auction.  The public is welcome to come and bid on some very interesting items.

Speakers and Topics

Robin Gayle, PhD, MDiv, MFT, “Metaphoric Dialogue: Bringing Hope Alive”
Carl Hendel, MD: “The Neurobiology of Hope”
Lea Houston, MA: “Move, Breathe, and Imagine: Activating the Triple Power Keys to Body mind Healing and
Jenny Garrison, RN: “Expanding Open-Heartedness: Imagery as a Spiritual Practice”
Jose Said Osio: “Getting to a Newer, Richer Self by Accessing a Deeper Guided Imagery Pattern”
Jeanne M. Schul, PhD: “Dancing the Dream Image: Out of the Nightmare, Into the Light”
Susan Gold, MA: ”Using Imagery to Overcome Creative Blocks”

To find out more about our speakers, the program, or a look at their biographies visit the conference page.