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Podcast June 2011: Andrew Wagner, MD

Jann Fredrickson Ramus and Dr. Wagner’s Hospice discuss his work using Guided Imagery in Hospice and End of Life Care. They discuss sacred space and trusting the process as aspects of working with Guided Imagery.

Andrew Wagner, MD

Andrew is a Board Certified Family Physician, and previously worked as a primary care doctor for Kaiser Permanente for almost 15 years. He had special interests in sports medicine, HIV care, bioethics, and complementary medicine.

In 2000, after attending a series of workshops with Rachel Remen, MD, of the Commonweal Cancer Retreat Program and the Institute for the Study of Health and Illness, he decided to commit himself to a different career path. He completed the Academy of Guided Imagery training program, and became a certified practitioner.

His focus has been working with people with chronic medical conditions, including chronic pain and life threatening illnesses. His intention has been to create a collaborative relationship with his clients to help them identify and make decisions that are consistent with their goals and values. He is now in the midst of expanding into another arena of medical care, palliative medicine and hospice.


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