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ImagiNews: June 2011

A free electronic copy of June 2011 edition of ImagiNews is available here:

From the Co-Editors’ Desktops

By Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNB-BC and Judith Ewing, M.Ed., M.A. in Clinical Psychology, CIH

Bev Hollander

Editor’s Comments – Bev Hollander

Here we meet again. Portals was a theme that Judith and our dear friend & colleague (also your President!), Juliet, suggested. The story is exquisitely told by Judith in an article herein. Serendipity and synchronicity abound!

As the submission deadline approaches, I almost always worry that we won’t have enough to fill the issue. Phew! I was wrong once again. Does this show a lack of Faith? I wonder. I thank each and every one of you for your support, insight and creativity. You make ImagiNews GREAT!!!!!

Judith Ewing

Co-Editor’s Comments – Judith Ewing

For each of us, Portals are experienced in many ways as they take us beyond and through such excitingly different adventures. Hope that you enjoy the Portal perspectives and excursions within our June 2011 ImagiNews! I loved working with Bev on this issue, and I love your contributions! You are such an integral part of our ImagiNews. What Portals will open as you begin thinking about contributions for our September theme – “Opportunities”. Keep the articles coming! The September deadline is August 10th.

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