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Oct. 21-23 Woman’s Retreat in Mexico

A Woman’s Retreat Tepozatlan, Mexico, October 21-23

Glenda Cedarleaf

Come immerse yourself in a women’s circle and into your creative imagination through Guided Imagery, Expressive Arts, Movement, Healing Ritual and  FUN !!!

You will open to inner guidance and release emotional blocks for greater clarity and commitment

This retreat will be facilitated by 
Glenda Cedarleaf MSW LICSW 
and includes a very special
 experiential with
 Mary Lynn Patton Ed.D Clinical Psychologist

Glenda Cedarleaf is a Guided Imagery practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist –  who follows her calling to be a muse and midwife  for deepening the healing process through creative exploration.

She  has facilitated women’s retreats since 1995.  She has a psychotherapy and guided imagery practice in Minnetonka Minnesota.

Tepoztlan is in the mountains and is known for being the birthplace of the mighty Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. It is home to artists and lovers of Native Mexican culture. This town is filled with beautiful loving and authentic people who have maintained the best of their native culture.  You will love the weekend market filled with the colorful and flavorful foods and crafts of the people of this lovely village.

Glenda writes and records guided imagery journeys.  Her audios “Your Healing Journey” and “Healing Surgery” are now being provided to patients in the Cardiac Catheter Lab, Emergency Room, Joint Center and Surgical Department.

For more information on the retreat and how to sign up click here.

To learn more about Glenda’s work visit her website

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