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Podcast May 2011: Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD

Mindfulness Based Self-Care is an interview of Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD by Juliet Rohde-Brown. Radhule guides the listener through a 10 minute loving self-care meditation towards the end.

To hear the podcast click here.

Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD

Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD, who had been trained as a physician in Germany and as a clinical psychologist in California, is currently working in private psychotherapy practice in Santa Barbara. She began her studies of mindfulness meditation during a stay at Black Rock Hermitage in Sri Lanka in 1981. She has continued her studies of Buddhist philosophy and practice since then, and is currently mentored in her teaching by Jack Kornfield, PhD and Alan Wallace, PhD. Radhule teaches mindfulness meditation both as a foundation for spiritual practice and as a tool for healing. She has been exploring how dream-work and mindfulness meditation can work in complementary ways in the therapeutic process, bringing an Eastern and a Western path together.

Radhule and her husband Michael Kearney, MD, a hospice physician, published an article in JAMA magazine in March, 2009, describing how the practice of “Exquisite Empathy” as mindfulness based self-care can prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in health care professionals. Together they teach professionals how to be present in an engaged way, which makes professional life replenishing and meaningful.

Radhule Weininger is also trained to teach “Cultivating Emotional Balance”, a project inspired and guided by the Dalai Lama. CEB workshop leaders will be able to guide others to enhanced emotional health and mental stability.

Radhule lives currently with her husband and two children in Santa Barbara, who are in junior High and High School. Her oldest son studies currently in Edinburgh/Scotland. She also enjoys her three dogs, one cat and three tortoises.

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